Thursday, September 25, 2014

Adventure and Life

So much has been going on my brain might explode from joy. Things are going really well here! Handsome Gentleman Friend and I have been adventuring like no ones business, including a rip to Utah, the Northern California Homebrewers Festival (of which i won the logo competition, look out!), winning a metric shitton of beer awards at the Napa Town and Country Fair, and even more... Check out the Dr. Mookie Love Jr blog and Terrible Lizard Brewing Blogs for GF's updates as he is more on top of these things then I am anymore.

School has started. If you follow my instagram (untidyvenus) you've seen some of my class projects, and the Don't Eat the Charcoal Blog Im trying to keep up with my works. Im taking 5 classes this semester, and the government revoked my Pell grant because i made to much.... I would have to double my income to hit the poverty line, but i made to much money this year? Oh well. My wonderful family is helping me out, and my goal is to not let them down. this is my crippling fear...

The pets are good. Castor and Pickles are the usual destructive dicks they usually are, and my little betta gal Goldie Hann is doing awesome. She's just soooo happy! I love betta's. The container garden is also in full production. The squirrel ate my potato plant, so i dug them up and from one baking potato i got a bucket of fingerlings. Its really exciting for me! I think its about time to harvest the sweet potato and the red potato too, as the leaves are turning yellow. The tomatoes are still going, soooo many cherry tomatoes! Its awesome. I also have been planting and harvesting radishes about monthly and their delightful. Both squash have little squash on them, but i think they need some fertilizer. and Lastly there are a bunch of Garlics going, yay for spring garlics!!

So I haven't posted this apparently, but Cooper and Hale Bop both passed over the rainbow bridge. they will both be missed, and i miss them both.

so ya! A bunch of pictures need to be processed and posted...