Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Working Again and ENGAGED! to be married....

So first things first, IM ENGAGED!! Handsome Gentleman Friend is Handsome Gentleman Fiancee! We went to our favorite place Elevation 66, to try their new menu, and he totally surprised me on my way to the bathroom ;3 lol!! The ring is titanium and redwood, cause im a california girl, and on the inside it says "Remember, I love you!!" Because hes a big sweet sexy enchilada (so spicy and cheesy). The food was also awesome, I had morraccan chicken over roasted vegis, and holy COW. HGF had smoked gouda mac n cheese and of course there were delightful beers and after the proposal the waitress brought us champagne. Desert was ice cream with stout brownie and salted caramel, and of course tears of joy because I SAID YES but I think you figured that out. Now I have to plan not one, but two weddings because really all my people are here, and all his people are in Utah and what ever we just wanna party and eat nachos and get drunk. Yes, I want a nacho bar for my wedding. Your Welcome.

Next up, I have a job!! Im working for a company who does gift shops for special events, aquariums, zoos, and attractions, My position? Sales lead for the Hunger Games Exhibition!! Now when I started i knew NOTHING about the HG but now I do. its pretty cool, A bunch of origional costumes, interactive displays, plus all the butter cup plushies you can stand. Also my boss is awesome and the company seems super cool. Makes corporate petshop and corporate retail seems like...slave labor,

Now enjoy some pictures of HGF on the coast as we celebrated engagement and heart shaped pizzas for V Day!