Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BACON DAY!! Sir Francis Bacon

Hello all! So this was an epic, salt laden, artery clogging bacon fest!! :D For the event I made mini Bacon Cheesecakes, Mini Bacon Brownies, Mini Bacon cupcakes with Maple Cream Cheese Syrup, A Bacon Explosion (aka the Bomb), and Bacon Bleu Grilled cheese sandwiches (OMG). Steve made Bacon Wrapped Jalalpeno Poppers and Bacon Wrapped Sausages, and Brandi and Cody brought Double Bacon Pizza, and Katherine made a really yummy Bacon Asian Vegi Stir fry. Tim also came with a bottle of Mangria, and Rachel came to clean up left overs. It was SUPER fun, and we were all SO FULL we didn even make bacon cinnamon rolls or the four horseman sandwich, which is bacon wrapped dates and blue cheese on sour dough. Ok, so pictures!!

The Bacon Bomb (Explosion) is really almost more of a show piece then meal. Its DELISH but so rich, a small chunk is all even the more intrpid baconeer will do, but I think evenone should do it once, so heres the recipe. This time I added the crumbled bacon to the innerds :)

This week I have also been playing WAY to much gameboy... Because Im a nerd.... :D Anywho, heres a funny screenshot of my dragon :3

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gearing up for Bacon Day- Part Deux!! and Food Pics

Thats right ladies and genleman.. (ok, les face it, ladies and your cats, lol) The second Bacon Day is about to commence!! (To find out about the first Bacon Day click here!!)

Im busy looking over recipes and thinking about what new to debute this time around. :D So exciting!!

So after 1.5 years I may be getting interwebs at the house again.. Got a promo offer from my old interwebs company who say its available in my area finally... When I moved in before it wasnt. Not sure but $20 a month wouldnt be bad at all, and I could blog in my underpants :3 Something that would be awkward at local coffee shop.

Well, I lost my phone for the first time EVER. Of course it was that fanciest phone of phones I have ever owned, my iPhone... uuuggghhh.. And of course the insurance is useless, and they wanted to charge me $200 instead of $100 to replace it... and i would have to wait 4 days... Instead I took my moms BF's upgrade, since I pay for his phone (as payment for that LOVELY transmission he installed in my beautiful Darlene). It worked out, $70 later after tax and upgrade fee's. They wanted $50 for a case for iphone 4 and I told them Ninja PLEASE.... No really but I wanted to. Instead im trying to be extra carefull and ordered from china the GREATEST CELL CASE EVER!!

Its called Turtle Dinosaur case... Oh China.... Basically it was $2 and free shipping, looks like it has as much protection as an Otterbox and is ridiculous!! I also ordered a Otterbox Defender knock off for $2... just have to be careful till next month when the slow ass shipping comes... I REALLY wanted a silicone Pikachu, but no one had one! Disapointment China, king of knock offs! BTW there are also owls and penguins... join me in being a grown up.

Sunday we celebraed Marisol's Bday!! :D OMG 25, such a baby.. I mean.. old maid... uughhh Im old, lol!! Anyways, went to Chevy's with Gentleman Friend and he co-workers. BTW turn any ethnicity into Mexican with a sombrero!!

Toure and Jerry, Black and Philipino, proof!!! lol 

Marisol, Mexican turned mexican.. wait..... 

So Tuesday night we had INVENTORY! OMG... 8:30 pm to 4:45 am at corporate job.... We got pretty silly, including a slipper fight, getting vegitarians to eat meat and ingesting mountains of cola. I made Chili for our Potluck, and ate myself silly.

Jerry and his "Bitch Please face"

Here are a couple of shots, Ill post he slipper pile when I get some shots from the boss, didnt have my phone on my a that time... But we got 100% accuracy on our department, and  managed to not have to go count socks, omg Shoes is the best deptartment really... plus the fact my co workers are insane, like yours truely.

Pot luck, and Marci, Drew and Alexa

Shahab and Ian over Jerry's shoulder, and the Jackals!!

Yesterday Fashion Rachel and I headed to the Mission and picked up some cheap fabric to make work dresses out of! OMG yay!!! For like $13 I got enough to make almost 3 dresses... Rachels going to teach me to sew and use her surger... oh to have fashion design friends :) After a few hours of playing in Discount Fabrics we headed to a little mexican place for one of the best burrito's I've had in a long time.

A mural from inside the place

Oh ya, on Tuesday ate at the New Deli, a localvore, vegitarian and more place, my French onion soup

And for those who have been waiting, my Nail Color of the Week!! Here are all 3 weeks I have been behind on, since things havnt been working out...

Week 1, purple with blue and pink glitter on top

Week 2, transparent pink with layers of silver
Aka Glitter Sandwich

Red with micro-glitter finish, since bacon failed

Have a great day!! :D

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sick Days and Reader Poll!!

Hey guys and gals! Oh man.. I caught that nasty flu thats going around :( Dont get it if you can avoid it!! Its started with a tickle in my throat and ended up with me sprawled on Gentleman Friends couch totaly out of it. but after days and days and days of rest Im about human again, though with the occasional nosebleed from all the blowing and a light cough...

Well I planned on a blog day full of pictures and me newest project, Nail Color of the Week!! But the interwebs at local coffee shop is over loaded and nothing will upload... Heck facebook wont even load.... Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

I need to figure out me T button... its still acting funny. I dont like having to pound on the key board this hard.

I have a burning QUESTION for all of you our there... What kind of computer do you work from? I do this entirely from a, eMachines D620... which is a low end laptop I love dearly... His name is Ralph... lol! Anywho.. I have to get a desktop for arting on... Ralph will still be the blog machine though! Since I have no interwebs at the house still.

Sorry, pointless blog today. Have a good one!

Friday, January 4, 2013

What I did New Years and Angry Rant

Hello all! So a lot of people including myself, are doing the year review, but what did you do for new years? I worked part of the night and made some MAD comission... but dear lowd we needed more coverage... Then the GF picked me up from downtown (such a brave hero!!) and we headed over to Katherine's. It was a low key night of Cards Against Humanity, Mangria, and delightful chatter. I was dressed in my Silver Sequined Dress and GF wore his AMAZING silver suit. He looks epic.

 Also, I made Grade Soda Cupcakes. (the webpage has a ton of ads that slow it down, so i suggest copy paste and RUUUUN!!! Actually here)

I made 1/2 a batch and it made almost 50 mini cupcakes.. and I didnt food color them or frost them because i ran out of time....

Ingredients Needed:
1 cup of butter
2 cups of sugar
4 eggs
4 cups of cake flour
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp of salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 3/4 cups of grape pop
Neon Food coloring pack
Purple colored sugar
Cream the butter and sugar until well blended. Add  your eggs one at a time, mixing well after each is added, then add in the vanilla.
Whisk the flour, baking soda,salt and baking powder together in a small bowl.
This is where the food coloring comes in. First, let’s not pretend there is anything remotely healthy about these cupcakes, so let’s not worry about dye. We just poured grape soda into the mix. Some dye is really not going to tip the balance.
On the neon package there are combos to make all sorts of colors. Choose the purple one you like then add the drops -according to the instructions on the package needed to achieve your chosen color- to the grape soda. The grape soda alone will not color these cupcakes. I put in a triple dose of the purple to make the batter color you see in these pictures.
Once you are done that, add the dry mixture to the butter/egg/sugar alternately with the grape soda pop.
And this is what you get. If it’s not dark enough, quickly mix in another batch of food coloring.
Pour into cupcake liners about 3/4 full. These are a thicker, moist cupcake and they do not rise a lot. I made most of these into mini cupcakes in small muffin tins and those can bake up anywhere from 10-15 minutes, a lot faster than large ones.
Bake at 350 degrees for 22-25 minutes. Cool completely.
Voila.  Purple inside.
Of course, you use my Best Buttercream Icing Ever recipe and decorate these little beauties with a swirly top. I am developing an affinity for mini cupcakes lately, they are just the right size for kids and adults alike and the smallness just makes them so dang cute you can’t resist them.
Once they are iced, sprinkle the tops with the colored sugar.
This made one and half dozen large and 2 dozen minis. This will make 3 dozen large cupcakes and about a bazillion mini’s. Really. I can’t count that high. But let’s go with a decent 7 dozen.
I’m not going to lie to you, these are such a kid pleaser it’s unbelievable. We took almost two dozen mini’s to a playdate and the kids were in seventh heaven.  The flavor is good, they do actually taste quite a bit grape pop-ish and the look, oh my friends, the look is what really makes these adorable. The shrieks of joy from eating “a purple cupcake!” will resonate through the house – and that’s just the adults-  little hands will gleefully scoop up two at a time and that crunchy purple sugar..well…
..it just takes the cake.
The Purple is my Favorite Color Magpie

I liked them ALOT!! And they were a huge hit both for the get together and to work. And to transport them I used some old Egg Crates!! Worked perfectly. I REALLY do love my mini cupcake tin. Its the best for everything... I make brownies, cupcakes, cheesecakes, cornbread, etc. Its great for events because you can basically double the servings simply by making them tiny, more fun to eat and way easier to transport. plus they cook faster...
Ok, now for my angry rant. WTF is up with the Facebook???!?!?!? They keep "updating" and its just turning into a bloated, glitchy, ad. it regularly hides people I want to see in favor of paid sponsors, crashing on my retarded phone, and everytime they add a feature it forces me back to it over and over and over till I f*ing enbrace it or want to kill myself... 
Im about ready to quit. And I made a twitter but Im not sure what to do with it... is it facebook light? Anywho Im

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Post of the New Year!!

Looking over me blog history I NEVER post in January for some reason... Even on the old blog... Oh well!! :3 So most people do reviews of the year, Gentleman Friend does a lovely awards ceremony (yours truely even won some!!) over at the Eclectic Eccentric. This year has had some amazing ups and some crappy downs bu Im greatful for every moment of it...

I added 58 friends on facebook! crazyness....

Maybe Ill do a photo review! Lets check the archives...
Point Albany with Brandi

Sacto for Cody's B-day!

Wine Country with GF and Cory

Great America!!!

Surviving Another Semester of Classes!!

Concerts, Birthday, Aquariums and more with GF

Baseball, Adventures and Summer School. Plus Donovans move!

Darlene Stolen while trying to vacation

Amazing trip to Utah with GF, seeing family and Dinosaurs

Halloween Amazingness!!

Thanksgiving, Adam Carolla and joy!!

Christmas, Mama, Food and OMG

Yea Im a lucky girl. And thank YOU all two of you who read this blog :) 

Ill leave you with this link, scroll down to the the comments, its amazing