Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rainy Day Darjeeling

Yesterday was a full on pouring rainy day. I took a small break between brewing, class and work to take a moment and enjoy the rain and some really good tea! Im kind of unfamiliar with twinning's, so for my first real, recognised try im very impressed. just a little nerdism!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Baby Sister is Old!

So it was Tess' birthday this last Monday, happy birthday!! So Handsome and I went up to Lincoln, aka the middle of the boonies to hang out with my old crew. I miss sacramento. Anywho, everyone was there, the aunts came up, dad and his girlfriend were there, and my wife!! With husband!! Aka Flea an Ryan. It was a good, redneck time and we got to celebrate at her new house on 10 acres! So much fun! And our home brew was a hit

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Busy Adventures

Hello all! So it's been a crazy few weeks! First we finished SF beer week. In that honor we got to open up and taste out bourbon barrel porter. Omg. It's amazing!!!! Look at that beauty!! 

Last weekend we went to the Toronado for the Barley Wine Festival. 50+ barley wines on tap. We met a sweet group of gals who shared some of their wine, and we shared ours.

We were going to head to Magnolia and check it out but it was paaaacked. Instead we headed to Berkeley to TRex BBQ! It was very good, not KC, but good

I then took handsome to the East Bay Vivarium! One of the best reptile specialty stores in the US

We then headed to the Bone Room, a curiosity shop

And Albany Aquarium, I love Goby's!!!

And we swung by Albany Tap room but they wanted $40 for 6 tastes... No thanks

We had quite the exciting day!! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Trader Joes Chai Tea

So I have been CRAZY poor as of late. So this week with groceries, I decided to spoil myself with a $2 treat, this delightful spiced chai! I love TJ's, if it's bad they take it back, and usually it's awesome. So I made this up as soon as I got home.  Omg it's soooooo good!! I made it up with a little touch of sugar and soy milk. 

Ill have a full post soon, so much good things to share!! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Just a post

I feel like my blog as of late has been a bunch of catch up from the last time i posted. Well, this is just another post. Today is singles awareness day, aka the-reason-all-your-friends-birthdays-are-in-october-november day. I for only the second time ever i have a sweet handsome man this year to et pizza with and watch some sort of action comedy with. so after a long day of class and work thats what i will be doings. EnFAAAsis on Pizza.

Today was my Narrative Story Telling class, which i was angry about having to take because of all of the english i took way back in the Jr College days, but am enjoying. My teacher is a real published writer and likes to think outside the box and that keeps it interesting. Im being considered a good writer in class, and today after reading my quick right actually got an applause... we weren't applauding.... which was weird and kind of wonderful. so i think i'll share it here:

Mr. Whiskers 
         I want that treat. I know its freeze dried chicken but i want it. Bit I a cat, and we don't do that. We don't jump through hoops for treats. My pet human is looking on and making those strange noises he always does when he wants something for me, like my attention. Im not jumping through that damned hoop. I sit down and flick my tail at him, but its truly hopeless, humans can't read. They just make their weird noises in various pitched. I still want that treat.
       He puts his warm monkey hand on my head and rubs my ears, its really nice so i give him a purr. He seems to understand purrs so i share them with him. Hands smell like that dry chicken snack and i just want it more. Maybe i can fool him, so i put one foot through the hoop. Some success, he gives me a salty taste. Damn it, I just want that chicken. Ok,  Ill walk through it this time, but don't expect it ever again.

We had like 7 minutes and a half sheet of paper, and only the ability to write on one side of the paper... so this is what i came up with. there were a lot of interesting Stories, and i wish more people would share, as it ends up just being the same 3 or 4 people, myself included. maybe people will get bolder as we progress. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SF Beer Week!

I just have to start by saying all of the following pictures are blatantly stolen from the Dr. Mookie Love Blog .

And Happy SF Beer Week! Its a wonderful time of year when beer enthusiast can gather and drink and nerd out. We started off by attending Beer Talk, which is like Ted Talks but with more drinking. There were 7 speakers from various breweries, all of whom brought yummy things for us to drink while discussing important beer issues. Of all the beverages consumed my favorites above all were from 50/50, their bourbon barrel porter, Eclypse; and Anchors first IPA in 75 years. Deeeeelightful.

We headed out and off to the east bay to check out the Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room!

We tried some lovely brews, and as usual my favorite was a high octain barrel aged beauty. We also hit up Elevation 66, to try the Double Rye PA I helped brew a few weeks ago! Its really good, and they also had on tap the Barrel aged version of the Scotch Ale. So good!!

Sunday we hot up Steep brewery and tap room for Anchors Debute of the above mentioned IPA. We got to meet the brewers and chat them up. 

From there we headed to a fundraiser for our brew guilds master, he's trying to open a nano brewery and tap room!! People from the guild brought beers for people to try, all of which were really nice, the stand outs were a California Common by Jen and a Coco Brown. Oh, and there was Poutine!!