Thursday, March 28, 2013

First Post from the new LAPTOP!!!

OMGOMGOMG its here!! My shiney new referbished ASUS, thats not shiney or new, but im smitten. Im at Panera instead of local coffee shop because it was closer to corporate computer store, you know, incase this puppy didnt fire up or they had snuck in Windows 8.... but all seems well!! :D so this computer is sooooo light! I cant believe it! Like 1/2 the weight!! Sorry, so excited...

Im attempting to download iTunes but untill then no picts as my phone gets all angry. But this week has been amazing!! Gentleman Friend took me on a grand adventure, which i will elaborate on next episode, as it requires pictures!!! Schools busy but good, and the kittens are behaving so far. Cooper is still Cooptacular, goofy as ever. I need to post Gerbil pictures.. its been way to long.

So I had said a few weeks ago that i wanted to loose weight and I havnt been very dedicated to it. Ive still been eating junk and not exercising, so today I took my first step towards ACTUALLY getting healthy. I downloaded from Sparkpeople how to go from couch potato to a half marathon in 8 weeks. Im gunna repost it here in hopes it inspired someone else :3

So ya... uuugghhhhh i hate jogging!! but I want to be healthy and happy, and with a sketchy family history this is for the best.

BTW wanna see two adorable mini comics i did for Mini Comic day? sure you do!!

Gentleman friend did some awesome ones aswell!!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Decisions Made

Incase you all havnt realized.. I had trouble making decisions. but I finally bit the bullet and bought a new laptop... Poor Ralph my little guy Im typing on now is dying, a slow painful death. Im pretty broke so I hope I made a good choice. I think I over thought the whole thing, but I settled on an ASUS X401 I found SUPER cheap and in "Ocean Blue". and it has windows 7!! Which was a big selling point.. Windows 8 looks dreadful, and I would LOVE to jump on board with the Google Chrome guys but I need iTunes too much at this moment. Stupid free iphone and stupid super awesome ipod shuffle... lol!!

This weekend was very relaxed with Gentleman Friend. Mostly movies and lots and lots of Man, Woman, Wild... I did finally see the origional House on Haunted Hill which is delighful and creepy!! I liked it alot. No good St. Patties day stories this year as I got REALLY ill with some lady problems and spent the day passed out on GF's lap... again. but He's amazing and made me Ravioli's, lots of gatoraide and neck rubs.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday!! just a short one today. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Belated Pi Day

3.14 was Pi day... lol!! Sorry for the hiatus all, got a little crazy with midterms, insane clients, insane family members, amazing family members, amazing Gentleman Friend and poor Ralph falling apart at my fingertips... So let me get super Narcasistic for a moment! Heres what i have been up to:

Been working on my getting fit, eating well and being happy. Its hard work!! I've been "pretty" good abou eating well. Finding actually even on my bad days im not really that bad.. just need more protien like last time i got a little squishy. Gentleman Friend has been so awesome and supportive, but feels i look just fine and the only stipulation is to not go crazy and dont loose boobs... lol!

My client i had been working with made a move on me so i had to scrap the whole deal mid project... uuughhhh.. Im sure he had been dropping hints bu Im so damn bad at knowing what guys are talking about... so literal... but EEEEWWWW!! I talked it over with 2 of my teachers who had never heard of this ACTUALLY happening.. and its not like Im a super model... (Not a pity party but in reality there are SO many better looking artists!!! lol) It bothered me really bad for about a week, GF was so chill... like, CRAZY chill about it, and was more upset that the situation bothered me so much. He's so amazing to me... Speaking of!!

We went to the Asian Art Museum here in San Francisco. The Terracotta Warriors of China are on tour so we went to see them, its a must see. Of course GF told me all about his month long visit to china in college, including a full tour of those delightful figures. but the museum had quite a few, lots of gear and history. The whole museum is increadible, with art from all parts of the Asian Contenent. Its a MUST see if your in the city. We have a LOT of museums here but thats one of the best.

Angela (Angera) also had her POLE DANCING RECITLE!!! Pole dancing? Yes, pole dancing for fitness! If I had more money and time I would do this in a hot second! I took a free class with her a year ago at the studio, which is in the city and owned by a BRILLIANT and beautiful woman Sayaha. The recital was amazing, and had a guest world champion pole dancer (yes there are compititions). The muscle strength and control these gals have is increadible!! like watching a cat. GF would also like me to do this, lol!! I want him to join me for the free day again this month... that would be fun!!

I also got to see some cool hipster bands with Tim. He got tickets to Passion Pit and Matt and Kim. Matt and Kim are super fun. I have to admit i didnt really know either bands, as my radio stations usually stop at Nirvana.... and holy COW there was so much pot.. like rivaling the Chilli Peppers crowd.... ya! Also, I think Passion Pit hates SF... the music was well done but.... they wernt enjoying the show at ALL. Anyway on Tims trip out we all played his game he's working on, and good lord its fun!! Im excited!! We also went to my coworker's Bday Party, which was delightful. Its the same place we went to the Halloween Party at, and was as much fun. Good people good times.

Wed, my wonderful and handsome cousin Jeff turned 21!!! he's a man!! 21 years ago my Aunties flew to San Diego and brought back a iny projectile vomiter... his nickname was Bubba Barfo for a long time :) now he's all grown up and joining the Airforce... We had a wonderful dinner at Red Lobster with all he good ones, and I ate myself silly. good times. Love you cuz!!

And because Im a spoiled brat last night GF took me to see Dana Gould!!! One of my Favorite comedians!!! the show was sooooo good!! We had a delightful dinner at the Irish Bank, a pub in town, then the show and drinks! Go see DANA!!!!

Schools been busy... No spring break and midterms are this coming week. has a SUPER shitty critique in Illustration from some really unintellegent people.. and I dont mean that because Im bitter, but it was very poor critique.....