Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And so it is (a little explicit)

Yesterday was the real orientation for school. Meet the President, thank you for your money, get excited, see cheereaders (at art school? oh my) get excited, draw things, get excited, Charlie Brown, Star wars, get excited, harry potter, blah blah blah...

Oh ya, Im an Urban Knight. Oh Detroit dont shun me please.

But I DID get to meet the head of my department. Yay!! and I got supply lists, got to see Fashion Rachel, (Double Yay!!) see Cory (tripple yay!!) and remember why I dont live in dorms (Uberist yay ever!!!!) School starts tomorrow. Holy Cows.

Still no job. Corporate Petshop is evil and the manager out here can kiss my happy white ass. Jerking me around, bah! I'll get all ghettoblaster on him. lol. Not really, I'll write a strongly worded email to corporate and apply for other jobs. Im a weinie...

Anywho, pictures are coming from the trip, plus stories of stories of stories... Cats are good, Herman is king and Cooper is still as fuzzy and incoherant as ever. Most of my lovely plants didnt make the trip, but the green spidey did, aloe vera wang, and the chicken farm are doing nice. I also have some spideys from Joanne, which are from a 30 year old plant from her oldest son's memorial... memorial spideys!! Their feisty buggers too. Pictures are coming. And Im terrible and got a goldfish. A little humpbacked Ranchu who is too cute for words. He will have a 10 gallon soon, and grow to be a beast!! mwahahaha!!!

Ok, so back to school stuff. My school has free buses for me around the city. Also, free workshops, free exercise and who knows what else! Well, not free, part of my ungodly tuition I'll be paying off for the rest of my eternity. I plan on taking advantage of as much as possible. I wanna be hot, fit, smart and oh so talented. Also, kinda thinking about Viola lessions.... Prolly not, but OMG it would be awesome.

BTW, check out and see what I live off of, aka my food bible. This gal rocks.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Move complete!

I have now been in Richmond for a week and a half! Hurrah! I let Castor survive, lol, and everyone looks good. Ill post the whole adventure soon. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Finished over at the Piquat Museum. Its bitter sweet, on one hand its done and Im free, but I like working over there. Of course I had a very awkward moment when one of the head people came up to me and mentioned the job was supposed to be done by June. oops. Oh well, I had no idea. But my side is DONE!

Made another chicken in the crock pot! Super easy:

Chop potatoes, carrots, celery, onions and half a bell pepper (I used orange) and toss in pot. Cover one chicken in cajun seasoning. toss in the pot. Put Crock on low for 7-9 hours. Inhale. :) OMG I love the crock pot!!! I also made this last night:

All I can say is, YUM. Holy crap yum. And good with soy milk even! (Vanilla Soy, lol) Make this soup. Now.

I have been on an Adam Carolla riff for the past few days. Just obsessed with the pod cast. so many hours of podcasts!!! lol

Monday, August 8, 2011

A dinner to remember

I dont have any pictures, but last night was a great night. Firstly, I am currently unemployed! Saturday was the last day at Passport and Yesterday was the last day at corporate pet shop. Sad, but also good. I came home, and threw a chicken in the crockpot. (The lemon pepper chicken posted below) Some beets the the oven for Everything Salad and took a nap. lol. After getting up, cleaning and putting on clothes (in that order) I prepared for guests!!

Alix came first, then Greg and John from Mantra. We ate, drank (Porter, YUMMO!!) and made fun of the pets. Castor was a ham, and showed off the whole time. I let Cooper out in his ball and him and Castor played chase and generaly were adorable. Everything went so well. We listened to Justin Farren and laughed and laughed for hours. Such a good night.

Im finally packing up for the move. Everything is going down to Toledo to get shipped, and only the bare essentials are going in the car. Im meloncholy about the whole thing. I want to be back in California so bad, but Im going to miss this place like hell. Detroit is like no other place on Earth.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Untidy Abroad!

So yesterday I did it! I packed up the car and drove to Niagra Falls!! This involved cutting through Ontario Canada. I drove up to port Huron (thanks AGAIN google maps, add an hour) And when I got to the check point I apparently am the fave of terrorism, as they searched me and my car, for an HOUR. And gave me attitude. They couldn't believe I wasnt meeting someone. Anywho, after Darlene's invasion of privicy (ooowww, they saw my empty Dr Pepper cans) we headed out!

I ended up arriving around 4:30, got swindled by an exchange place, and headed over to the falls. Wow, its one of the most beautiful things on the planet, easy. I took the Maid of the Mist boat tour, and the walk behind the falls. I want to do the whirl pool tour one day. The City of Niagra, Canada (sister city is Niagra, New York) is like a mini Vegas without gambling. :) Very cute. My favorite was a building that was 1/2 burger king and 1/2 haunted house, with a Frankenstiens monster eating a burger on the roof. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ulta trip!

So I am not a typical girly girl as we know. But that doesnt mean I dont love some girly things! I decided yesterday that since I am entering this new section of my life, I will be needing to update my look a bit. I want to be a little sassier and have the loo to match. I went over to Ulta to pick up a little eye shadow quad. For those who dont know I ADORE eye shadow and nail polish. And since Im broke I thought this is a super easy way to brighten my life up a touch :).

I got an ULTA brand eye shadow quad, Girls Night Out, which is a set of cute purples (brown eyes go GREAT with purples) and a fantastic nail color, ruby slippers (not the fab China Glaze one I will be getting again, but the ulta one, which is really cute too)

When I went up to pay for my $19 purchase I was informed I qualified for a free gift, a CRAZY awesome pack!! 13 piece gift set! I picked wild, since I am here to change my look (I wanted the natural a lot too)

It has 2 eye shadow quads, 2 lip liners, 2 eye liners, a mascara, lipstick, 2 lip glosses, 3 brushes and a nail polish! Plus a cute fuzzy bag. So woot!!