Thursday, April 25, 2013

Still Alive Part 2

Hello!! Part two of my adventures from the past month!! After Easter weekend, Gentleman Friend was honored for some fantastic awards and much worship of his amazingness (he deserves all of it). The event was at a 5 star hotel with 5 star catering, as much shrimp, crab claws, dim sum and tacos as you can eat! Plus some of the cutest little desserts. There also was a silly photobooth.

 The Following weekend GF's family came to visit, Mom, Neice and Aunt. We (well, most of us) had a wonderful time!! We showed them around SF, Halfmoon Bay, and basically were amaizng.

Im Still Alive!! Picture heavy!!!

Sorry I have been so neglectful!Things have been so busy and wonderful and busy. I guess I'll start with the oldest and move forward, this may be a 2 parter as I have so many pictures.

To start, my sweet cousin Jeff got into the Airforce!! Congrats to him. He's been looking for a direction and this will be perfect!! Im still going to be so worried about him.

The sweet handsome Gentleman friend took me on a walk through the Palace of Fine Arts here in SF. Its a short walk from his place, it was the sight of one of the worlds fair's, long ago and now is a park to wonder through. Next GF and I got to do mini comic day, as I mentioned last episode. It was a fun day at the comic book museum, we got to create some mini comics, get a free tour of the museum and i even got to show a little girl how to draw a cat. :3

 A few days later GF decided to take me to the Legion of Honor Museum and De Young Museum. DeYoung has a Rembrant exhibit and a bunch of dutch masters, including one of my FAVORITE painters Vermeer!! I didnt get to get a picture with the Girl with the Pearl Earring but I got to see it!!! The Legion has a beautiful Rodain permenant exhibit which GF is super into. Basically it was an amazing day, and some thing I would have never done alone.

The Next weekend was Easter! I made deviled eggs, and GF and I headed to the Aunts for egg dying, omelettes and bacon waffles!! oh, and beer :3 it was a really wonderful, delightful weekend!!

Stay tuned!! More to come ;)