Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adventure time!

So my lovely Gentleman Friend once again is spoiling the CRAP out of me :) Tomorrow night we're heading to the Excelsior in Monterey with his best friend and wife. Friends wife, not GF's. .. .. . . Not repeating bad history.. Anywho! After that back to the bay, then up to Sonoma where the GF will use his wonderful business cards to get us drunk for freeeeeeeeee!! Oh ya ;) Im quite smitten. And he's good looking to boot... RRRrrr ;) Cats are already suspicious

ANYWAY.... Job is well, got the weekend off which is FAB. I guess the joy of part time. Gatta work my BDay but so is life. Got the Sat after off so party time with GF

Tomatoes are started! got some flowers so a good sign! Update on the house plants, Aloe Vera Wang is fab, needs a new pot because she's way outgrown this one. The spidies are all goin crazy in this weather and the wondering jew is the brightest Ive ever seen it! The hen and chicks is doing well also. and the one that was a gift from my neighbor is flowering!! :D The African Violet 2 got a little dry but i think will be ok

I can grow things!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Job! Upcoming Adventure! Life!

And so much more! So I have been a work-a-holic this week at the new job. Not gunna lie, thusly its really not bad. Not bad at ALL. A little enjoyable even. Why would selling men's shoes possibly be enjoyable? Well, maybe its my frame of reference. After the California Corporate petshop gig and horrific managers, constant animal abuse and little monies, and before that working my happy ass off for no monies and little perks, and basicly having had a bunch of crappy jobs, its nice to have a job where people know what their doing. Also, men know what the FUCK THEY WANT. They want a pair of shoes. They want to leave with a pair of shoes. I fetch shoes they give me monies. Not that there arnt annoying/evil/spoiled customers, and not that there arnt angry wives, but over all its "Fetch me this shoe" which isnt to hard. well, sometimes its hard to locate it, but that too is like a treasure hunt. and we KNOW how I feel about treasure/geocashing/etc.

Memorial Weekend was the 75th anniversery of the Golden Gate Bridge.

 they had lovely fireworks, bands, food trucks (OMG) and tons of fun, which Gentleman Friend told me ALL about as I.... was working... Earnin the cash ;) Anywho, Papa worked on the bridge loooooong ago, mostly for earthquake retrofits but still, that bridge helped put food on my familys table.

This weekend Im going to be spoiled out of my mind by the GF. His best friend is coming to town and apparently we're going to PARTY!! In varios citys even ;) Not gunna lie, super excited!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Employment Once More

Yes, once again I am employed!! Its at a large corporate department store I have worked for in the past. New Deptartment, mens shoes. My manager seems pretty good, as I was supposed to start working today apparently but was uniformed. My fault im sure.... ... . . But did 8 hours of computer training yesterday and start tomorrow. Joy? Meh....

Got to go to an art show last night, one of the models from shcool had it at a suuuuuper cute coffee shop in the Height. Gentleman Friend treated me to dinner and a drink, and was wonderful.

Terry, model/artist/interesting human

 We chatted with Terry until I became the worlds biggest weinie and my neck seized up. It had started to give me problems on the computer and all day but I ignored it. So GF took me to his place (sexy! wait.. except when your a cripple) and waited on me hand and foot. He's way to sweet that way.

I stayed in bed in pain way to long this morning, but when I got up Fashion Rachel and I got to hang out and wondered around the Mission buying fabric for her for summer. It was really nice, we havnt just hung out all semester.

The pets are all fine. Maybe Ill get some shots of them... Gah Im so lazy

Monday, May 21, 2012

Day of Break

Yay!! Two updates in one week!! OMG! Sorry for the maudlin post yesterday, feeling off. Got pleeeeeennnntttyyy of sleep and feeling good. Tomorrow I start working for corporate clothing store.. its been many years since i have, maybe I'll enjoy it more. And at least its a job. And I get a decent discount.

Kitler scared me last night. After posting I headed to the 2011 and put Advantage 2 on the cats. They both ran around like idiots and wrestled (by wrestling Kitler attacked Pickles). Next thing I know kitten is running around drooling and frothing. I think, oh crap, he's having a reaction and I dont even know where the vet clinic is..... So I run and get the directions (which i was gunna chuck but didn't because of Aunt Sue, thankies!) and turns out if they lick it they will drool uncontrolably. Like when they attack their gay lover and chew on his neck.
No drool but guilty

Kitten then proceeded to do it 4 MORE TIMES. Drool all night. on my pillow. ick.

School starts again in a few weeks! Hazzah! Color and Design I will beat you... This is supposed to be one of the harder classes available/required at the school. but with Dave the Color Nazi for Color Theory I should be able to do it. Right?

Anywho, Spent like 3 hours at Corporate coffee shop with out buying a thing! yay!! :D Lol Im terrible. Soon I'll head home, eat some food and draw some things. I gatta keep drawing. I keep threatening Gentleman Friend Im gunna use him for figure drawing ;) Maybe I should follow through with my threat. ooowww and I have games to play I have been ignoring for 4 months... Im not a nerd... o.o I swear.

Stay tuned for more actual updates and adventures. There are more to be had for sure! Plus Im due for another major disaster ;)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Take a breath

So its Sunday, Im in Local Corporate Coffee Shop drinking a caffeinated beverage, Adam blasting in my head, taking a moment. Finals are over, an amazing but stressful weekend was had and now I have a moment again.

Ok, so I survived finals. I spent an entire weekend getting perspective together and sacrificed my other 3 finals a bit. I banked a good solid C and am glad for it. Wish it could have been better but with a good 1/3 of the class seeing Joko again next year, I'll take it :) All of my Charts for Anatomy came out fairly nice (I painted all of them) and getting scanned and bound made for quite a nice piece to turn in. My two figure final got sort of mailed in, but Sandy seemed to like it so that went exceedingly well. Clothed Figure with George also went well, I applied many of my "Im half assing this but I'll include all the s*** teachers love so you cant mark me to low" tactics and George took pictures to show other classes in the future... makes me wish I had more time to make it look good. Kevin didn't fall for any of my tricks and graded me pretty harsh. I passed but he knows I mailed it in.. he wanted a 9 and I delivered a 6. He knew it. But my in class work was good and my sketch book was sturdy so ya...

We finished early on Thursday, my last final, so our little group headed over to a Mexican resterant and had a good bye meal. Marius back to Canadia, Ricardo to Portugal, and Angela, Emily, Nancy and I left to party in Cali... I dont know where Trey is, he's so quiet and off in amazing artist land. It was so good.

Arnt we cute? Anywho I RAN home and cleaned for 2 hours strait, then headed over to Oakland International to pick up... MAMA!!! :D I love my mama. She came in for the Camp Seabow reunion. What is Camp Seabow? A campfire girls camp That ran from the early 40's until the late 70's and where my Aunties and mom spent 20 years of summers having adventures and growing up.

Friday we were gunna go shop and party in the city but decided to hang out and go to my local ichiban kan instead. I got home and cooked a fabulous meal of Enchiladas (Aunt Nan's recipe I'll post soon :) ) and The Aunt came over. Also, Invited Gentleman Friend.. Ya... I did that. ... .. . . ....... .... . . Anywho, everything went well. I knew it would. I wasnt worried about GF passing the test or them, but very nervous about my little worlds colliding. Also my demons are rearing up and telling me that past events are sure to repeat. I keep trying to ward them off but Im a bit broken apparently. (Shock. Amaze.) Stupid demons.. Not all men are low life and not all relationships are doomed to end in a fiery wreck of fucking doom. o.o

Back to adventures, Friday was amazing. The next morning was Seabow reunion and I felt bad but I woke poor GF up like 9 times getting ready. I rewarded him with left over enchiladas and Vitawater (his fave!) and we got everything packed, and mom and I were off! met the Aunts and jumped on the ferry at Tiburon. I've never been to angel Island so it was an AMAZING adventure. The reunion was so cute, little old ladies singing camp songs, reliving history and playing bugles and ukuleles. It was followed by a lovely dinner at an overprice Mexican place and beer at the Aunts. FYI I NEED to camp at Angel Island. I wanna break into the old barracks.

Today we went to Thrifttown, Nations and hung out. Finally I had to take Mom to the Airport. I did watch the eclipse today, it was AMAZING!!! But I went in my house and suddenly felt so alone... So strange. I havnt had that feeling since I was in Detroit. not a totaly sad feeling, just very.... awakening? 

So here I am, Finally updating my blog :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Neglect

Sorry to everyone not reading this blog... Been busy and hence not posting... So... Updates? I have a gentleman friend now ;) always very nice. He's tall and handsome and treats me like a goddess... Complete opposite of what I usually attract! (Whats the catch here....?) Anywho, schools coming along... This semester is a doozy, I know I keep saying that but you try taking 4 studio classes! I know i know, I did it to myself.. Oh well. Just a fun fact, Doozy comes from Duesenberg, like the car! Wait, you dont know what a duesy is? For shaaaaaaaaaame...

So back to updates, I had a roomate.. Then I had to ask her to leave, she told me she resents the way I keep up my kitchen then questioned my state of mind... So :P go be homeless, I put myself out for you. Sorry, petty moment, but I needed to get it out of my system.

Gentleman friend has been taking excelent care of me. We went wine tasting a few weeks ago, where aparently his buisness cards are better then cash! Free wine! Woot!! We also went to the races on dollar day and ate dollar hotdogs, drank dollar beer and made dollar bets. For his Birthday I drove him to Santa Cruz and showed him Seacliff and Aptos. So near and dear to my heart. While out by the Palo Alto we saw dolphins and a humback whale!! Ive never been so close to one! It was just about a perfect day, finished off with a fabulous bad movie starring John Wayne as Ghangis Khan.... Thats right, not a typo. :) Im quite smitten. So omeone punch me in the face already!!

Also, DRAMA! So the plumbing had been backing up terribly at the house, and kept overflowing into poor DeeDee's garage :( So we finally had to fix it, which involved 3K and ripping up part of the driveway!! Poor little 2011!! (Did I mention Im calling this house 2011? Like the apartment was 46?) but everything runs beautifully now. Also Darlene had work the same weekend. She needed bushings, tie rod, dust covers, and her idler was clogged.... but the shade tree mechanic Dave got her going good on a student budget! With some creeepy flirting.... weird!!!

Castor and Pickles are well. Castor is a pain in my ass, and horribly jealous of Gentleman friend, until he gets pets. Pickles on the other hand has a hard on for GF, a total boy crush! Which surprised me, since GF is tall... REALLY tall :) I thought since Pickles hasnt been around many men and no one tall he might panic... (like he did over, well, everything?) but nope, all over him! Cooper is great, burrowing and tunnling only to be crushed benieth the substrate. Herman and his little buddy Mr. Pinchi the 3 came out as the weather has been AMAZING!! In fact AMAZBALLS!!! lol. Bettas are good, but lost Draco. Poor pretty boy... Betta girl was a bit depressed, no one to inimidate...

Ok, Ill try and update more...

PS- Im back to playing neos... Shame.. Im a grown ass woman (supposedly) but if you care to join me, Im tangledfeet.