Friday, February 22, 2013

Adventures of a Traveling Lunatic

Hello all! Hope everyone is well! Today has been one of those days, like a scene from my old life, but a good day. Got up early and drove to Walnut Creek to see my old boss, friend, wife, and more Misty! Its literally been years, and with her now in Texas, ya. But she's been in town, and so we me up. We had a delighful coffee at a little shop i found on yelp that was just a store away from her first job! nice!! We talked about the kids (I miss my Beanie!!!!) and Nana and Papap, and pets and school and handsome Gentleman Friend. But alas we were both super busy and so then we were both off again. I went to meet a client, she went to meet a new Mary Kay Recruit, and life goes on. but maybe I'll do some flyer work for her. :) It was REALLY nice.

My new Desktop is on its way! I still dont have internet at home, but it will be perfect for school, and i got a GREAT deal, but damn its money spent. plus wed night i broke another bra, and was down to one so had to go essentials shopping... which is $$.... but needed.. but now poor little Ralph the Laptop is dying... uuuggghhhh.... Dont die Ralph!! :( I'll need something to interweb with so if he goes... I'll prolly buy a referbed eMachine, their inexspensive... I REALLY wanted a ChroneBook by Google, but they some run iTunes, which is a huge bummer because I use my little ipod ALL the time, and have the iPhone.

Sorry, first world problems!! This weekend is the Chinese New Year Parade, which i may or maynot go too if i decide to work or ditch.... its will be a bad sales day.... uuuggghhhhh!! lol! Again, first world problems! lol!! Its been beautiful and spring like here, then freezing, then beautiful. Come on nature make up your mind?  oh well, anywho here are some pictures of the city, my fork ring (I found it!) and more!!

So I dont own a scale, but I have been super good on my getting healthy plan, and can feel it! Im REALLY happy, and have been making recipes off of SparkRecipes.... Since Im loosing weight with SparkPeople (great apps too!!) So I'll share a REALLY good Tuna Salad Recipe.. omg so yummy nom nom nom

Best Tuna Salad-

1 can of tuna
2/3c non fat cottage cheese
4 tblsp non fat plain yogurt (I used greek cause I had it)
1/4 small red onion
1 stalk of celery
1 tsp Dijon mustard
splash of lemon juice
pinch of dill (i didnt add it cause im no a dill fan)

drain Tuna, mix it all together, add to bread!! Makes 2 servings. the mix is under 200 calories with no fat and 34 grams of protien!! Really filling and so tasty. :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nail Polish, Pizza and Voodoo

Hello all! I realized I never updated on the blog my Nail Color of the Week!! So here is last week and this week-

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Green with Envy

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- Red Carpet

I REALLY like the weird toned greens that are out now... And so last week's green makes me super happy and it will be used \in an experiment soon. This week's Red Carpet is super fun!! One of my favorite colors of all time is Ruby Slippers from China Glaze, which is a strong red with glitter built in, and this is a very similar color with a $3 price tag!! :D YAAAY!! This is a fun blog challenge, even if im bad at updating it...

Anywho, Spent the ENTIRE weekend with the Gentleman friend... We watched movies (Frankenweenie is ADORABLE!!!) and ate tons of pulled pork... i made a 5 lbs shoulder in the crock pot! Yum... Last week I didnt post it but I went for a bike ride out on the Bay Trail to Point Richmond. Its really beautiful, flat and a great ride. I would love to try and ride the whole thing bu my rear starts get sore after a few hours... Darn hip bones.... lol!!

As you can see, quite nice :) Anywho, here are some random shots from this weekend.... Pizza at Avalino's with the GF, Mr.Pickles being ADORABLE... My bathroom Rubber Ducky collection, and the Voodoo Dolls, the pink one if from my trip to NOLA a few years ago with the Aunts and Mama, and the Black one (african american? eerr... Plastic one?) GF caught at Mardi Gras during the parades

On a little side note, just a dumb thing but one of my instagram picures got retweeted by the San Francisco New :3 cool cool! I know, super dumb but Im greatful for any recognition

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy February

So as most of you know, Im not a romantic, and have been an ani-Vday activist (not the ACTUAL V Day, VICTORY! I all for World War 2 guys :3) But I have to say I actually had a REALLY great, sweet, wonderful time.

I had class in the morning while Gentleman Friend flew in, and I DID dress up cute but never for a chance to photograph it (Sorry Jess! lol) I left a spare key for GF to go on into my place and we met up. He set up a REALLY sweet set up of gifts he got me from New Orleans and my childhood bear, Binky (yes I have a Binky bear :3 )

Beads from Mardi Gras, including a heart strand, a Mardi Gras Rose, Voodoo Doll, Penis whistle, and a REALLY wonderful Necklace, pictured above. He knows me so well!! :D This was all waiting for me wih a freshly showered handsome man. Im a lucky girl. He had one more thing for me but it got stolen in Oakland (Damn you shady ass Oakland!!) but Tropicana Roses are my FAVORITES, and lets face it, everyones favorite. He sent me a shot of a beautiful one from New Orleans and aparently picked it for me, and "Bud" Traveled 2000 Miles with him...

Driving to New Orleans Airport, and in his little carrier
Snack at Vegas Airport 
Oakland Airport, finally arrived

 But as he was catching a shuttle he sat it down to get his ticket out, and by the time he turned to grab it some ASSHAT stole it. Its such a sweet wonderful thought of his im more upset for HIM then for not getting to meet Bud personally. Isnt that the sweetest!! I was crying from joy this morning re-looking through the pictures... Im SUCH A GIRL....

We ended up getting Chinese from our favorite little to go place, and rented Skyfall (Oh Bond! I love Bond but the plot holes were distratcing....) and we have Frankenweenie and Flight to watch this weekend. And BTW we RENTED them, from the movie rental place down the street!! Very nice. Really its been he greatest Valentines day ever!!

I learned a little bit about St. Valentine too, from

" He is the Patron Saint of affianced couples, bee keepers, engaged couples, epilepsy, fainting, greetings, happy marriages, love, lovers, plague, travellers, young people. He is represented in pictures with birds and roses."

 He was marrying catholics and assisting them during the reign of Claudius of Rome. He was beheaded on February 14th... Yay, get laid on the guys death anniversery!! Weird little holiday eh?

On one last little note, I need to lose some weight. I HEART Rachels proud of your size but Im uncormfortable. And the whole thing is to be comfy, happy and healthy right? So Im not going nuts, but going to make some healthy changes and try to get some more exercise! Im using SparkPeople, which I have used before, and love!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

School Work School and Work

Really not to much work, and other then the usual drama of corporate whoring, its not to bad. School is in full swing, just dropped another $65 on paint, Pro White and brush soaps...

Last night Tim came down to the bay for a show, and crashed. Its been since Bacon Day, and longer since we got to really hang out. He is working on a super secret card game that he wanted to test on me, which was INCREADIBLY fun, and a little complicated. When its ready for supporters ill hook you guys up because we had tons of fun. But this means I have been procastinating on hw and have 3 pages of comic roughs (already thumb nailed but still), an animal to ink and 7 little ducks to ink... more on that later!

Oh and my still life homework for figure painting (dont ask...) was rejected, so i have another due on monday plus color tests.. Woo Im gunna be good! lol!!!

So Thursday is National Condom Day. Celebrate accordingly. If any of you get preggers or STD's that day ill slap ya. Its also the day Gentleman Friend flies home. :3 Yaaay!! Im thinking I may wear something cute to school, if I do Ill share picts... I need to share more pictures of outfits I guess... I dress like a slob most of the time though... except for work.. anywho, what ever.

Oh, last thing, Last week my twitter (UntidyVenus) got a mention on the Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend podcast. its on the Rory Scovel Interview part 2, about 40 minutes in, in the Just Me or Everyone segment!! :D Basically i asked is it just me or is it awkward to be in someone elses house when their not home, and I wrote it from GF's house while not sure is roomates were home as i was locked up in the room... (had crashed on a work night)


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Stuff a Sack

Rrrrrr!! Wait, the Gentleman is in New Orleans.... lol, actually its the local fundraiser for the Library, $5 for a paper bag and you can fill it with books! all you can carry in the bag! Great deal for the library and for starving students such as myself and Fashion Rachel. She finally came to visit! We had donuts for breakfast from everyones favorite donutshop and then off to the races! I mean library...

I snagged some real beauties, Including a book of photographs of tattoed women from the 70's, some reference books, and lots of trashy mystery novels to read and cheer me up! Including Eat, Pray, Love, which i have been meaning to read. I also go Ladies Number One Detective Agency, which my mom loved and recomended years ago, Marley and Me, because I like sad horse and dog movies... and lots more. just kinda picked up interesting looking things. Also got a book of pirates for Wife, and a book of basketball science for GF, because he's worth a cheap/free book, lol!!

They also had a pile of VHS' I had o look away from, but how many of these did YOU own?

It was also brought to my attention that Mr. Pickles hasnt had a cameo in a while
Well, here ya go, cute old man!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

6000 pageviews??

Holy cow! I blame interweb robots, because theres no way I could get that many hits.. Unless Angera and Jess, you two just constantly refresh... lol!! Shout out to all both of my fans, thanks guys :3 oh, and Gentleman Friend!

So school is in full swing, already have 30 hours of homework to get done. Plus the house to clean and life to live, like blog posts to write! lol its gunna be a busy semester but a good one, Illustration, figure painting, comics and inking, and art history.

Im gunna be so good with ink... I had to get a crow quill and ink, basically an old school calligraphy set, with inkwell and what not!! So exciting! all he pictures of work will be on my art blog, Dont Eat the Charcoal

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Much better!

Thanks for the happy thoughts all, feeling better! School has started, Monday was figure painting, and I had to buy $70 in supplies i wasnt expecting (gaaahhhh!!!) and I feel like more will be to come from the other classes. but its good, and Im going to be forced to learn oil painting. lucky our teacher is very into safety and not into chemicals so we are using no turps and no liquin, the two excuses for me not to oil paint... (aside from my dislike of it and the drying period)

Im making rice in my crockpot.. I'll let ya know how it goes, because I am TERRIBLE at making rice for some reason.. I used to be good at it....

So im working an a list of exspensive things I want, lol.. not like Lambo's and Rings, but things that are obtainable...

Desk top computer
Fixes for Ralph my Laptop
Canon Rebel DSLR Camera
Sewing Machine
Some new bra's...

Yep, Im a lady of simple needs, shit to do the job I want to do, things to record adventures, hand held video games, things to make things and underwear.... LMAO!!

Alright all, useless post but what eva, my blog! lol!!

Oh, If anyone has idea's on what I can do for the Gentleman Friend for Valentines Day let me know... I have a)never been with a boy for Vday and 2) kind of hae overly romantic things.... And the obvous doing him is already in the plan... lol!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just a little sad

Not devistatingly sad, just a little. This morning I dropped the Gentleman friend off at the air port, for 2 WEEKS IN NEW ORLEANS!! Lucky handsome man!! He wanted to take me but school starts this week. cant miss first 2 weeks of class, not ok. I was hoping to go see Tim this weekend but I just cant make it happen. I also wanted to kidnap Miss Wings, since we havnt had a chance to really hang out in YEARS and damn Im missing my Wife so much... Its also Fashion Rachels bday weekend, but she has plans with other folks so just me, the gameboy and the cats... actually at the local coffee shop to rant here a little and to get some iced tea... may splurge and eat food here aswell.... Last night I blew off the corporate job to have dinner with GF, which i could use the money but since theres no money to be made... Im not upset :) we had a yummy dinner in china town and went to pack his stuff up.

At work though we're having a cool fundraiser to talk about heart disease in women, which isnt talked enough about. it affects women of all ages, sizes and colors and is the NUMBER ONE KILLER OF WOMEN! Yet we all pay attention to breast cancer, which while also terrible we cant ignore this. So for a $2 donation you can get a little red dress pin, to wear and promote awareness. 100% of the procedes go to the American Heart Association. We are also wearing red. Now for the seedy underbelly part. We the workers are having a contest, if we sell 50 of the little dresses we get a bedazzled little pin and recognition! I want the bedazzled pin... so Im selling the shit out of them.

Oh ya, show you bought a little pin and get 15-20% off the store! :D

Uuugghhh Im a corporate whore.....

So if you really do care about awareness of heart disease the American Heart Association has a fun link:

Im feeling really passionate about this, which is strange because I find myself having less love for the peoples and more loves for the animals... but a customer story at work made me really mad and horrified. I was helping a customer and selling her the little pin, to which she responded saying she was going to be back to get a few more of the pins later in the week. Her best friend had been having chest pains for months, so the doctors took out her golbladder, treated her for acid reflux, gave her meds for anxiety and more. She kepts asking is they would check her heart but various doctors told her she was thin, there for not in the risk group for heart problems... To thin for hear problems?? Anyway, she finally switched doctors again, for the 4h or 5th time and this doctor first thing hooked her up to an ekg, which showed she was litterally on the VERGE OF A HEART ATTACK. She managed to get treatment and avoid the heart attack, but now has PERMANENT damage to her heart because the heart disease was untreated for so long.


:3 Thanks for listening to me guys!! Im feeling better already! Im gunna clean my room i think....

Friday, February 1, 2013

Life and Times!

Sorry for the laspe in posting!! Its been an adventuring week!! also I have been picking up extra shifts at work before classes start and adventuring with the Gentleman Friend...

We've been dating a year or so now.... Weird...

Anywho, works been slow, and a coworker wants me fired, one of the new people. Turns out my rants about Critical Mass- the ASSHATS who ran me down- got to this new member of the team.. who is a member and horrifyingly offended.... and instead of talking to me, the manager or what, went strait to HR. Oh well, HR likes me, and Asshats will be Asshats. (hhhmmmm seems a lot of the great Adam Carolla's comments on these Narsicists appears to have just been validated!!)

Last weekend instead of blogging or watching foosball GF took me down to Fort Point, a civil war era fort UNDER THE GOLDEN GATE! Ya its really there, and it was civil war days.

The pets are all well, Kitler has been granted another week of not being turned into a slipper and Pickles is an angel, Cooper is bored, he may need some toys... and my cell case came!! :D 

Nail Color of the week is Gun Metal! Pretty neat :)

So my last little thing, on the train, it was crazy packed. Standing room only and a RAGING asshat was ignoring EVERYONE, including the elderly and aking two seats. people tried to ask for a seat and she never even looked up from her phone so I snapped a photo of her narciscism.... What a raging C-word, and btw making a HORRIBLE name for heavier people, who may have let the old people sit... I gave up my seat BTW and stood next to her, bumping her at every chance I could, cause im also a C-bag....