Friday, September 16, 2011

So work... is... Work. Lol! This corporate petshop isn't nearly as up and up as my Dearnborn store. What does this mean? This means that an already mind numbing, annoying, potentially postal-style job becomes another level frustrating. If the other corporate petstore hires me Im out like a cat in a tub. And if you have ever tried to wash cats you know....

So I really dont have any updates of my drawn works, but here is my self portrait for Digital Media. Let me note that I HATE having my picture taken. I hate the way I look, stand, compose myself, everything. I dont want reminders unless its in a distracting place like Zion National Park.. (Outdated pictures will come at some point). So here it is:

Im excited about the way it turned out. And I really enjoyed the class reaction to it today. This weeks homework is going to be tougher. Im suppose to use a model, but I think everyone is busy so I may be shooting one of the Breyers (Beautiful toy horses I collected at the age of 10-24). Or one of nana's dolls. Either way.

Monday, September 12, 2011

I see naked people

All the time... lol! Welcome to art school. 3 out of 4 of my classes involve naked people. Keeps things interesting. Still no interwebs in the homeland, but corporate coffee shop is allowing me to abuse them. And abuse I shall.

Pets are good. Kitler is a pain in the ass, especially when he drags his duck wings all over the damn house, sleeps on the gerbil tank and crawls in the sink. Pickles is a good boy, both are eating up a storm as of late. Giblet is also good. I need to let him out more, he has to be bored. Crabs are crabs, eatin banana today. Fish are all fine, Swimmy keeps eating his tail though. :[ gatta figure out why THAT is.

So good news, IM EMPLOYED! Once again corporate Petshop has hired me. Annoyingly at Detroit wage... grrr..... oh well. Ill get a better job soon, but for now it will give me a bit of breathing room.

Im to tired to do much reporting... blah

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!!

Are you laboring away? lol. For possibly the 2nd time in my entire life I have been invited to a Labor day BBQ. Its at my Aunt's, but thats even better :)

Had a fantastic weekend. So Daiko Chinese resterant is FABULOUS!! The service is abrupt, but the food is MORE then worth it, and it will be my new place. Also, Mel-O-Dee's Lounge is a great place for Karaoke!! And Elevation 66 has a fantastic brew, Esther Vanilla Stout which every good beer drinker must try.

Also saw The Help. Go see it. NOW. I think I'm a Emma Stone fan. I keep wanting to hate her, because she comes from a generation of actresses that SUCK, but she keeps amazing me over and over. Plus I had that one dream... lol, nm! But the movie is great, I will never EVER look at chocolate pie the same way again.

So life is getting better. I tried to upload the road trip pictures but again the Corporate Coffee shop internet is to chocked out to work. But soon I will have my interwebs back and I can regail you all with tales of my adventure cross country, yet again. Plus oblogatory cat pictures, as well as gerbil update, hermit crab stories, plant tales and fish stuff. maybe I will do a once a week house hold update. That would work....

Plus more recipes! Coming soon.. I made apple butter, wanna try the scratch and sniff on your screen?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Never to Early for the Holiday Season...

Ugh... Its a few short weeks until everyone I know and love will turn into lunatics, and I will be broke, ha, broker. So I decided to be proactive. Since no one I know or love reads this, I can share it with my followers...err... myself. lol. So since I have many many MANY peppers from my lovely sister and her garden I am going to be making pickled peppercini's, with apples from my Aunts tree that is over flowing, I am attepting apple butter (with the help of my beloved crockpot, oh crockpot, love of my life) and back by popular demand, pickled carrots! So why all this pickling? isnt pickling hard? What about botulism? Let me answer all of this loves.

These are refridgerator pickles, so I dont have to worry so much about scary things growing in them. also, applebutter? Freezer fodder till holidays hit :) And for all my pickled things, Im using the same basic brine:

2C Vinager (they suggest apple cider but I used white last year and it was great)
2C water
1/4C White Sugar
1.5 tsp salt

bring it to a boil, and place the vegi's into the jars, along with herbs and spices. This is great so I can flavor each jar seperatly! Pour boiling brine over vegi's, let cool and store in the fridge until yummy.

Its really easy. I bought like 20 mason jars last year for like $10, the little ones (which are cuter for gifts!) and will again this year. Also, I have been saving cute salsa and fruit jars, and picked some masons up from my neighbor. Nice ;)

So school started on Thursday. Its going to be sooooo good for me. Im ready to get my ass kicked!

And yes, pictures are coming, its just hard when Im updating from Corporate coffee shop.

Ohh! I have started a little challenge! Im going to attept to DRAW every day for one year. In my little sketch book... So this isnt going to include the massive amounts of drawing I will be doing at school. I have tried to do this before and always fail.. I may fail now... But maybe I wont ;)