Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holidays, Finals and General Crazyness

Hey all! sorry for the neglect, still gunna blame the no internet at the abode.

To begin!! Gentleman Friend took me to see the Ace Man as teased before. It was a wonderful show, we laughed the whole time! A great show, and before hand we had delish burgers at a place in Northbeach called Burger Meister, I recomend it :)

Later that week was Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays, because i love food. We had 19 people, 2 turkeys, a ham, a goose and fried chicken!! (courtisy of GF) I made Great Grandma's dressing, a Chai Cake and a Buttermilk Pie. I had never had buttermilk pie, and its darn good!! and Super Easy!! So here is the Recipe from REAL SIMPLE magazine. because Im old school-

Raspberry Buttermilk Pie

Whicsk together-
1 1/2C Buttermilk
3/4C Sugar
1/2C Butter (one stick)
1/4C Flour
5 Eggs YOLKS
1tsp Vanilla Extract
1/4tsp Kosher Salt

Pour into a pie crust (make and parbake or buy a crust like i did)

Bake at 325f untill center is set but wobbly (like jello!) or 40-50 minutes. Lets chill for 4-5 hours+ Top with Raspberry Jam and toasted slivered or sliced almonds. 

Before baking and after

So good!!! So here are some thanksgiving pictures at the Aunts house. :)

So good!! My sister even stopped by! Crazyness. it was to eat and run, but still! on Friday I was supposed to work, but got locked out of my house. to cheer me up, and see my mama, Steve took me to meet up with them and we went for a walk out on Point Pinole. So delightful!

The following Saturday GF and I went to see one of our FAVORITE bands, Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine!! If you dont know who they are, jump on the youtube... now!! Ill wait... ok, it was a super rad, with dinner again at Burger Meister. (since bimbos is like a block from Cobb's) Cheese and the band were great, and Bimbos is a cool place, very prohabition era, but they cram to many people in there. Its kind of pricey for sharing a table with 5 other people, and not being able to get to the ladies room.... 

So ya, this is what has been up!! Ill leave you with a SUUUUPER cute Mr. Pickles picture

Monday, November 19, 2012

Untidy Mobil Update

Hey all! It's a late night, Izzy can't sleep update from the iPhone! So what's new in the land of nuttiness? Well the ever wonderful Gentleman Friend took me to see the Ace man himself!!! Adam Carolla!!! I know many people don't like the man show guy but I'm a huge fan!!! And gf got us front row center table seats at Cobbs!! We were right at sac level! Lol! Ill go into more detail soon with pictures but it was amazing, I'm a very lucky girl.

Also in the news, we helped clean some of Joann's things out for Terri. I ended up with the four 30 year old spiders plants from her sons funeral. Their beautiful and enormous!!! I also was left a little tv, and an iMac g5 I'm going to try and sell to help pay for a desktop for school!! Woot!!!

A lot has been going on, ill try and keep up :3

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sadness, Reliefe and Being Cathartic

So today my friend/feux Aunt Joann passed away. She was well into her 90's, lived a long and full life, and was an increadibly interesting person. She had been bed ridden for months now, so in a way this is a reliefe, as she hated being bed ridden. Im not gunna get into to much here but she was a wonderful, crotchety old lady. Im just feeling sort of blank about it, not shock as we knew this was coming, but just not really grasping it? maybe Im just over whelmed with work and school and everything.

Its November, and still beautiful. The garden is still going strong, and check out below how HUGE my kale has gotten!! Also the Fababeans are shooting up! its going to be a feastful winter :)

I was shown a SUPER cool blog about painting HERE, she paints a still life a week. I think I want to start doing this. Maybe after school is out, when I wont be painting. :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Managing Time like a FIEND!!

So much stuff going on! But I stole a quiet moment in corporate coffee shop to just sit, drink some iced tea and blog.. And download podcasts :3 Lets see, lemme complain about all the things i have gotten myself into these days.

Im working on the promo materials for the guy who did my car alarm a few weeks back (months? geeze this is dragging out) Its a cute little project, but one more thing on my list these days.

School is amazing but going by so quickly!! Tonight I need to catch up on a painting that I neglected last week, draw some thumbnails and be prepared to do some make up as Im going to be missing some more in the future... :/ Sad but the way things are, bte missing because GF is being presented with an awesome award and picking my mother up from the airport, so 2 biggies for me!!! Plus the usual sketchbook stuff for heads and hands (which actually i cant complain, he's not a great teacher but the homework is sooooo much lighter then a good teacher which is great at this moment). Plus thumbnails for Digital Media, and not to forget the weekly essay for Art History (aaaarrrrrggg, MADONNAS!!!!) But these are my regular weekly things, the constant maintanance. Plus I need to keep doodling for my side project

My Mother is coming. Which is GREAT but my house is a DISASTER. Like homeless viking bachorlars have been living there. Who knew one busy chick and 2 cats could make so many dishes... lol!! (I personally hate doing dishes) oh ya, and the gerbil, 2 bettas, the hermit crabs and Jaws the goldfish....

Craft show on the 1st! Which is going to be tons of fun, and hopefully give me a little cash boost right before the holidays. But this means I have to make crafts! which I have been "planning" since summer but have been putting off.... for like... till last thursday? Fashion Rachel came over and we crafted some, I cranked out about 40ish really cute items, now i just have to finish packaging them and make some of my signature lino prints. I havnt printed in a few years now, but my tools are still sharp and ready for action! actually they may need a little sharpening... but thats ok, I can do this too :) )

Work is insanity. They have been doubling my hours (boooo for my time, yay for my eating) and its Holidays. This means the crazys are out, I get yelled at in Chinese and Russian, and homeless people try and pay in space diamonds. (True true and true, all have already happened) On a sad note one of my coworkers had a stroke at work the other day. they caught it super early so he will be alright, but inhis get well card we all teased him about getting out of the "All hands on deck" days (everyone better be there because we made things to cheap!) and Holiday hours.

The cats have been insane, and this is kind of a stressor. Kitler i think is developing and eating disorder, he is just food OBSESSED. To the point of eating erasers, plastic and more. I know its because he's bored, but Pickles is copying him and getting kind of sick (isnt the old cat supposed to teach the young one to be GOOD???) I just need to spend more time with them i guess. Poor guys.

Things are busy, but its good! I actually feel really good about things, and the stress isnt a depressing, smothering stress I have had in the past. Life is full but really really good! I finally have a saturday off just in time for GF to take me to see ADAM CAROLLA LIVE PODCAST!! Im not sure is you know.. but Im a huge Adam Carolla fan. I havnt gotten to see a live show since 09, and this is going to be soooooo goood!!!! Bald Brian, Alison Rosen, and all the Mikes will be there, so good! And with my tall handsome hero who has decided he is going to invite everyone over to watch football on Sunday. I like this plan. They wont come, but I like the idea that he wants to invite celebs to his mancave, which DOES have a Theater sized tv projector.

BTW going to start having some home made Christmas gift recipes and idea's for those of you who are as broke as I am :3 Mmmm just got a free frap from the awesome barista's :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ha! Im back! Crazy picture heavy

Sory once again for the neglect! But I have a pile of good reasons, including but not limited to-

School- which is in full force and amazing. Infact I made a paper sculpture of one of my little characters for a project, and so here he is!! :D

Kong the Robot Panda!! Super cute eh?

Gentleman Friends family visited- His mom and Step dad came out for their aniversery. I had to work most of it, but got to spend a day in Monterey with them, eating amazing food and being jolly! He really spoils the shit out of me. We visited a mission, ate Italian and hung out watching the sunset on the beach. Also at some point we wondered through a toy store and I played with dinosaurs. We also stopped by the butterfly sanctuary, but it was to dark for pictures

Hanging out with Fashion Rachel- she came and hung out for a day and a night, we havnt done that in a million years it feels like! (really 6 months or so). We got to go to Berkley for pizza, went to flower land and dug through the Halloween clearance! Yay!!

Being a Princess in Half Moon Bay- So last but NOT LEAST, Gentleman Friend has been working like a rock star at his grown up job and was rewarded with a trip to the amazing Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton, which is a Castle on the beach. while he was busy giving a talk to some peers and mingling with corporate, I was taking baths in the GIANT tub, touring Half Moon Bay, Drinking complementery wine from the front desk and playing at the beach. For Dinner corporate treated us to an esquisit 5 star meal, I had perfect lamb (with lamb bacon OMG) with some chive fettachini. GF had braised short ribs and we both shared some wine. Then they ordered us desert, which were epic, and to boot we were gifted a $35 smore kit for taking out to the fire pit. It contained home made ginger snaps, home made marshmallows and rich 72% cocoa. 

The next morning we met up with corporate for breakfast and were treated once again! We both had the Dungeness Crab eggs benadict. It was so amazing! and once again, piles of pictures. Also while walking alone on the coast 3 pelicans flew less then 3 feet by me. I HEART pelicans, and it was such an amazing moment!!

If you made it this far, congrats!! I'll really try and be on it more, sorry guys! But not bad for 7 days :3