Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Best Birthday Gift EVER

Thanks to the wonderful, amazing, handsome, tall and manly Gentleman Friend I got to experiance a SAFARI!! Right here in Cali!! He took me to Safari West, up in Santa Rosa. We got up around 6 am or so and headed out, with sandwiches and snacks in hand :3 Safari West is a privet collection of wild animals on 400 acres, and a member of the Assosiation of Zoo's in America. Btw I LOVE Giraffes. The only bummer is between 2 of us there were 4 cameras and all out of commision that weekend. Luckily my phone actually took some beautiful pictures :3

Thats a Masai Giraffe. They have feathered dark spots

White Rhino's

BTW My head is about to explode at this point

Yes, Wildebeasts!!!

The Water Oxen are one of the most dangerous Animals on the savanna, they will attack you one at a time, in a herd of over 100. and they will wait for days if your up a tree

Our Chariot, BTW I want one....

Sacred Crane and Whistling duck

Hard to see, but theres an hours old baby money in mamas arms

Tortoise and Cheetah's

More Monkeys and a Lagoon

Also, 3 kinds of flamingos!!!

The Sacred Cranes again

Mama Reticulated Giraffe!!:D

Two of the cutest baby Giraffes!! And a little guy wanting to feed them

Baby Giraffe and Daddy Giraffe

And just to be super nerdy there are 9 subspecies of Giraffe. Most are threatened or endagered, and one if extinced in the wild. Save the Giant Goats!! (not really but kind of)

Also They had a cute little gift shop.. I was an adult. 

After a few hours of blowing my mind that handsome man took me for In-N-Out Burger, then to the Charles Shulz Museum. Who is Charles Shulz? Maybe you've heard of Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang? "Sparky" as he was known, lived in Santa Rosa for 30 years, where he drew, iced skated and generally made the town a better place.. or even a place (lets face it Santa Rosa, theres not much there) The museum has his personal collection of comics, his actual office and a wall from his house where he painted a mural for his daughter. more head splodies

The mural there is made of....


My parents used to have a pony named Spark Plus after the cartoon that inspired Shulz

The fountains had rainbows!! But its California so the sun is bright so your blind if you try to drink

Ya thats a penny smash machine. I collect them if you are unaware.... and so now I have 4 more for my collection!! Well, when I find them... I misplaced them in i think Gentleman Friends Car.... I also got a cute little toy atSafari West, a build a Giraffe!!! :D OMG I love it!! 

Thanks you Handsome, This was the greatest gift I've ever gotten.