Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Beer, Yosemite, San Diego, and an Art Show

Im terrible at keeping this up anymore... Sorry anyone who still reads! Since graduation I have had plenty of time but have been doing other things then blogging, someof which are:

Brewing beer- Steve and I have been brewing up a storm of beers such as Strawberry Hefe multiple times, a maple porter, Kentucky Common, a Barley Wine, and many more. so much awesome beer, and were doing the Strawberry hefe tonight :3

NHC- the National Homebrewers conference was FAN-FRICKING-Tastic!! San Diego was beautiful and perfect, we drank, shared the said Strawberry hefe, won tshirts and mugs and came home with so much swag. We got to see the White Labs brewery and taste just about everything. Then that handsome man of mine took me to the San Diego ZOO!! I saw Pandas!!! I also got a great collection of stuffies because Im a GROWN ASS WOMEN.

Family- Steves Family came to visit which was mom, grandma, and the niece and nephew. it was really fun and i got to do a bunch of awesome touristy things. Be a tourist in your town, do something you think might think is stupid and just do it with joy. Then Alicia came to visit and we hung out, did some shopping then headed to Yosemite for the Day!! So much fun, and absolutely stunning. The next night we had a Stuffy-Brave Little Toaster Party. It was great

My Art Show! My work is up at Elevation 66 until the end of October! Ya!! I spent like $50 on printing and another $70 on frames for 12 peices and consider that cheap... but Im so honored and excited and put a few new pieces in.

And My RedBubble store is up!


Check it out! Thanks and I will have pictures and a pet update asap.

PS. Gunna see ZZTop on thursday!!