Friday, September 28, 2012

Mural, Trout and Gearing up for the Weekend

Hello all! So today is a cold, gloomy looking day. Its supposed to be 90 all weekend but I wonder if the marine layer is going to be hanging out. This weekend Gentleman Friend and myself will be driving up to TAHOE!! We are going to do some exploring, then go help the Aunts winterize the cabin in Truckee :) I am a spoiled spoiled girl. Anywho, the other day I went out for groceries and decided to photograph the mural out at the Chinese Market/Resterant. Its super neat looking, plus it had FISHIES!!! :D Also saw a neat art car. Still looking for idea's to help me paint Darlene plaid. 

 Also this week, I was given a fresh trout! Caught by Don and cleaned. Im not going to lie, I do not eat enough fish, and havnt cleaned or skinned a fish in YEARS! But I did a damn good job, and Kitler got the scraps. Pickles looked like I was trying to poison him. Anywho, I made Cajun Blackened Fish out of this little guy, and it was AMAZING!!!

With left over bread from the Cheesecake Factory and an Arugala Blue Cheese Salad :)

Yesterday on my walk I stopped to smell the flowers, and succulents (who dont really smell, but are beautiful). As most of you know I ADORE succulents. And they are low water drought tolerent, super eco friendly. They also make some AMAZING indoor plants. Perfect for little terrariums and planters, even for apartment living!

PS, lets be friends on Instagram! Im UntidyVenus! :D

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Proud of My Size Link Up

Hello all! Once again the Fantastic Rachael over at the Near Sighted Owl is promoting positive body images!! and general fashion awesomeness! So here is another one of my little work outfits. Why do I always post work pictures? Well, the cute dresses! and they have a full sized mirror..... lol! Anywho, please everyone go out there and love yourself. As someone with low/no self esteem its a hard way to live.

PS, lets be friends on Instagram! Im UntidyVenus

In Class Update!

Breaking news from a class that is essentially $250 a day. Not really any breaking news, just poor time management on the part of the faculty, hyper vigilance making me nutty (I hear ALL of your iPods guys) and over active imagination is basically making me insane. We are designing Tattoos for ourselves, and as someone who really NEVER wants a tattoo, this assignment means little to me. Adding to that is the fact that my designs are to "simplistic" and don't mean enough apparently. The good news is I have my buddy here to keep me sane-ish, and show me cool webpages :) Like this:

This is an AMAZING artist who makes the COOOOOLEST goldfish art! I love fishes!! :D Wait.. I just got an idea for my tattoo image....

Anywho, omg check out this DIY necklace Im GOING to make!!

Ok, back to working, you can see the assignments Im working on HERE

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Date Night, Adventures, and ANGRY HONDA RANT!!

Hello all! I will begin this episode with what you all want to hear about- ANGRY HONDA RANT. For those who don't know, Darlene my Honda Accord was stolen- for the second time- you can read the epic journey of folly and frustration HERE. This LATEST update of idiocy perfectly sums up the whole event. I received a piece of mail from Solano County court, a $24 check. My repayment for all my troubles appaerently... Best part? they had the address wrong, it had been returned to them, repackaged and remailed. GO RETARDS. (retards refers to people who are volentarily stupid, not people with special needs, who you CANT call redtarded, you call special needs). Ya....

This week has been epicly amazing, aside from one of my teachers being VERY heavy into the public shaming. Gentleman Friend is a wonderful wonderful man, and took me out for a FANTASTIC date night at the California Academy of Sciences!! Thursdays are "Night out at the Museum", and it was DINOSAUR NIGHT! :D We know my love of dino's. The Academy doesnt have a lot of dino stuff, but they brought in some cool cool things. We had a lovely dinner in the cafe and judges a gluten free vegan idiot who was driving people insane (hint, she may have gotten some human protein in her meal with that attitued) The best part about night out? No kids, 21 and older, and beer abound! Also, pork buns :)

Lemur and Ancient Prawn

Claude the Albino Gator and a Sea Dragon

Nautalous Activity and Gentleman Friend getting revenge on a Baby Giraffe

Omg the coooooooolest catfish! He was atleast 4 feet long. I want one.

Saturday we got up late and headed over to the 2nd Annual Super Hero Street Fair!! We didnt have any good costumes, so we donned suits and went as Scully and Moulder :) It was small and a bit unorganized, but really fun and super adorable! I love nerdy awesomeness!!

Agent Moulder, looking suave and checking out the BatWing!

I knew he was hot ;)

After a few hours there we headed downtown for the Chinese Moon Festival. GF talked me down from an angry rant about the mistreatment of the poor little goldfish, but aside from that it was AMAZING! We saw a dragon dance, a million crafts, and GF got me a little Giraffe and a Zebra wooden toy from a cool Etheopian woman. they were 2 for $5, I could have had them all!! But a picture will suffice

Weird and creepy, against absolute beauty 

Look at all the GIRAFFES!!

After the Festival, we ate $6 all you can eat dim sum, then to GF's man cave for a marathon of "Profits of Science Fiction" which is an AMAZING mini series about the writers who kind of changed our history!! Basicly Im a pretty lucky girl- with an extra $24

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random Pictures and School

So its that time again, and school is schools coming in at full Force! This means I may not be posting as much. But I will try to not negelct the poor blog like I have in the past! lol. Anywho, pictures of Utah are being processed but I do have some fun pictures from adventuring around. :)

I always need a good partner!

Its that time of year again, Halloween is on its way! :D Im so excited, its one of my FAVORITES!! Also some strange African Succulents at the local corporate garden center. :) See you all soon!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Proud of My Size

Hello all! Its been a little while! Just got back the Utah trip with Gentleman Friend, schools starting, and things are getting chilly. For this Proud of my size link up Im showing off one of my favorite work outfits! The dress is from Forever 21, Wrap from my place of work, tights are clearance Target and my crocks. Yes those are crocks! Increadibly comfortable too!! Also you cant see, but I wore my Giraffe pin. I heart giraffes!! So the proud of my size link it is something the AMAZING Rachel over at the Near Sighted Owl does every week, helping to spread body love no matter how big, small, tall or thin you may be. As a midrange curvy lady I have always been right in between my heavier friends and my thin friends, and while people think this is a great place to be but its unnerving for an insecure gal growing up. Now I am learning (slowly) to love my body as much at the GF does ;) lol and I should.

Im normally a bit of a tom boy but at work I like to girl it up some. Infact I dont think I have worn pants once yet! Lots of little dresses and skirts.... lol, its fun to be a girl every once in a while!

So the trip was AMAZING!! I'll so a full recap but as a teaser, it involved TWO dinosaur museums, camping in the desert, mountain trips, sushi and AMAZING food. Plus a good looking male companion and a trip to Temple Square. Dear Goodness it was a load of fun!!! :D

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

100th Post

Hello all! how is everyone doing this lovely day? Yes, Im in a pleasent mood. This seems strange a of late, doesnt it? kidding. Im currently pushing everything out of my head, because this time tomarrow i will be meeting Gentleman Friend and we will jump on a plane for Utah!! Why Utah you ask? His family reunion. Im meeting the family but I cant even begin to try and process that right now, just trying to enjoy the fact Im gunna get to go camping, see some sights and take a trip!! I have had some wonderlust as of late... In need of adventure!!

School also starts this week, but I will miss the first week. Im not terribly worried. But thats a little nerve wracking, I'll be jumping full force into that!! Also at work they are switching over to the EVIL new schedualing system Chronos, which means we are getting raped on days off one more time, and my dear friends who are on-call get gyped on hours once more. Avoid corporations if you can ladies and gents.

So Bacon Day was a HIT! Super amazing happy time! More people then I thought showed up (which was about 1/4 of those who said they would attend) But all the best. Tim drove down from Sacto, Angera came and ditched her BF for it, and a few others. The Aunts came too! :D So good!! GF was a G and wonderful host, keeping people entertained most of the night while I was anti-social in the kitchen, this is what I do at parties. after the food Tim brought out the best game ever, Cards Against Humanity. Essentially Apples to Apple but EVIL, in the best way possible. :D We had a splendid feast of Bacon waffles, Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, grilled bacon and blue cheese, BLT, bacon wrapped sausages, the bacon bomb, bacon beer, bacon floats, bacon cinnamon buns, bacon brownies and failed bacon bourbon. (its just didnt taste like bacon really, more next time!) The Aunts brought a delightfull bacon zuccinni casserole which helped us from having corinaries Im sure!! Here are some shots, stolen from the Eclectic Eccentric blog ;) Thanks handsome!!

Hungry yet? Good! Because I'll share the recipe for the BOMB!


2 pounds bacon
1 pound Italian sausage
1 jar of your favorite barbeque sauce
3 cloves garlic
1/4 cup of cheddar cheese
chives is desired
1 jar of your favorite barbeque rub

take the bacon and weave it into a blanket, about 5x5 pieces. make sure the raw bacon isnt frozen or it will break. Sprinkle sparingly with rub, then lay the sausage, cheese, chopped garlic, and chives in a long tube at the bottom of the weave. Roll the bacon all the way around the mix, sealing it in a beautiful blanket.

Back at 350 for about 2 hours or until cooked through. let it sit for about 10 minutes before sutting or it will be an ungodly mess. consume vigorously!!!

 And lastly it wouldnt be fitting to have a 100th post without the felines who try to sabotage me, the GF's adorable face and things I love :) Thanks everyone!!