Monday, January 4, 2016

I'm an Aunt!!

**So this never posted apparently**

My sister had the baby! His name is Everett and he is adorable. We drove up to see him in sac, and his mother was...unpleasant... but his dad was awesome and sweet, and I got to hold him in the NICU unit.

He also came down for Christmas and it was amazing

Thats a hell of a family there

Happy Near Year!

What a year it has been! my first year since I was 18 that was retail management free! Holy cow. Handsome Gentleman Friend and I have been on so many adventures (which you can check out at Dr Mookie Loves Blog) and I have never been so grateful. My family is amazing and helped me through school and helping me not be devistated by debt of said school and that also falls into my gratefullness. (not a well constructed sentence but what ever!)

I bought a goldfish, his name is Tuttle and he is adorable. I started him a blog (the old goldfish experiment blog) and it has ruffled some feathers. People are so quick to assume that someone has no idea what their doing or is out for evil without even reading or looking into the matter. /its amazing and would have been devastating to me before but now I guess I'm finally growing up because they can all suck a huge bag of dicks. Anywho, Tuttle is adorable and Im watching his growth, and posting pictures to show how fast a cute little comet can grow out of a 10 gallon tank. Why a 10 gallon? Well 10 is the most common sized tank available. This also makes it the cheapest tank to get. The common lore is goldfish live in bowls, which I'm sorry is wrong. get a betta.*bettas do better in bigger tanks too but will be much less of a hassel and fewer tears then a goldie*

Many goldfish enthusiasts and keepers go by 2 gallons of water per inch of goldfish. This is the school I tend to subscribe to, and have had many goldies live to be over 10 years and over 10 inches long. Now many keepers spout the "Goldfish love 20+ years and grow over 12 inches".I have quoted this. But in my experience and in polling true goldie keepers, this isn't the truth. I'm not saying it CAN'T happen, it totally can and you need to be prepared for it, especially is the fish you won at the carnival ended being a koi hybrid, but if your a pet owner who's PET passes away at 6 or 7 years and was only 7 inches long you may feel like a failure, and this is far from the truth. You are a great keeper and honestly your pet had ordinary genetics.

This leads back to the 10 gallon tank. I recently heard a smart man say "If you have a solution and people aren't willing to do it then its not a solution." So true, People scream at new fish owners "You need a pond!""!00 gallon tank per fish!!" "Its just gunna die anyway" and this is a horrible way to try and educate people about the MOST POPULAR PET IN THE WORLD. I agree the bowl is not a way to go, but perhaps I can convince a bowl person to switch to a 10 gallon tank and see how beautiful and healthy their pet can be!and yes, most of the fish will grow out of it. but by then their owners will hopefully be hooked on the hobby and be ready for more tank space. Or they find them a pond to live in, Either way a 10 gallon tank is cheaper then many of the critter keepers and so is easier to convince an owner to get, and is more space for the pet.Win win? I think so.

Anyways, after that pet rant.This year has already been awesome! We went rang it in with an N64 showdown. On the first went to a fantastic party at Leo and Michaels, On the second saw Heather Cesar and KJ, and yesterday saw Dinosaurs with the Aunts and Teri and Don! Im a spoiled rotten girl and am so happy