Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting back on track

So I am on, and vow to loose the weight I gained back. Im tired of being that fat girl. yesterday started out good untill I gave into a pizza urge and doubled everything for the day :(. Oh well. Today is a new day!! So I am using their FREE work out videos, strength training and am off to do some cardio :). Hurrah. I dont have a scale, but I think Im around 170 judging on my last weigh in. Boo.

Its pretty outside, supposed to be sunny today and tomorrow. Strangely there are flood warnings an hour away in Monroe, and yesterday flood warnings just north of the city. But not even rain here. So Im gunna get out and explore and get some exercise, then head over to the DIA for more adventuring! Lets make it a great day

Monday, April 25, 2011


So, an update since I have been neglecting this thing. I raised my starter, made some very bad bread then recently killed it. I also aquired a job as a waitress, was threatened, stolen from and not paid, so I quit. I now work for a pizza shop and while I make no money at least its fun! :)

The gerbil sidekick has a hamster ball and mastered it quickly. I will post a video soon of the amazing antics. There is nothing more entertaining then a gerbil in a ball a 2am!! Cooper rocks.

So Saturday I got to go hiking at Sterling Park in Monroe, Mi. We hiked for 6-7 miles in the warm sun (yay! Sun!!!) and ended the hike with a stroll along the sandy shores of lake Erie. My first Great Lake!! It was really beautiful, and I hope to see more of the great lakes and Michigan while I'm here.

Sunday was Easter. I cooked some left over corned beef in the crock pot, made an "Everything Salad" (thank you Rachel for the recipe!) and made Folar, Portuguese Easter Bread. Oh, and a no bake cheese cake (Thats not cooking, its stirring). I invited some of the girls from the building over and we ate, traded cosmetics, shoes and jewelery, and had a ball :) So things are looking up.

Yay for heritage!!