Friday, November 18, 2011


A little homage to Ansel Adams and his Studebaker. My colorize a photo project. Trying to figure out holiday things while staying on top of homework. Started carving a character head, a zombie dog that haunts my dreams in time of stress. Also have a still life with my unicorn, Gary.

Im fighting a cold, its that time of year. Its trying to get into my lungs which scares me immensly. Arg!!!

Got some new and trandy things shopping with Fashion Rachel and Brandi. It was tons of fun! Look at me, turning into a girl. Last week also I went to visit Tim at his art show!! Yay! Its still up at the Blue Cue, so go and see the spatter paintings. We also walked around, ate hot wings and bought adorable chinese toys and got thrown out of Level Up by Dann-o! Oh SacTown.

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