Thursday, March 28, 2013

First Post from the new LAPTOP!!!

OMGOMGOMG its here!! My shiney new referbished ASUS, thats not shiney or new, but im smitten. Im at Panera instead of local coffee shop because it was closer to corporate computer store, you know, incase this puppy didnt fire up or they had snuck in Windows 8.... but all seems well!! :D so this computer is sooooo light! I cant believe it! Like 1/2 the weight!! Sorry, so excited...

Im attempting to download iTunes but untill then no picts as my phone gets all angry. But this week has been amazing!! Gentleman Friend took me on a grand adventure, which i will elaborate on next episode, as it requires pictures!!! Schools busy but good, and the kittens are behaving so far. Cooper is still Cooptacular, goofy as ever. I need to post Gerbil pictures.. its been way to long.

So I had said a few weeks ago that i wanted to loose weight and I havnt been very dedicated to it. Ive still been eating junk and not exercising, so today I took my first step towards ACTUALLY getting healthy. I downloaded from Sparkpeople how to go from couch potato to a half marathon in 8 weeks. Im gunna repost it here in hopes it inspired someone else :3

So ya... uuugghhhhh i hate jogging!! but I want to be healthy and happy, and with a sketchy family history this is for the best.

BTW wanna see two adorable mini comics i did for Mini Comic day? sure you do!!

Gentleman friend did some awesome ones aswell!!!!

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  1. Haha woooh I'm so glad you like your new laptop =D. I would LOVE to visit you in Cali and have my first across the U.S. roadtrip to scratch off the bucket list. I wish you the best with this new healthy living style. I hate jogging too so now that it's warmer I'm going to start riding my bike more and stop eating so many brownies =/ haha.