Thursday, April 25, 2013

Im Still Alive!! Picture heavy!!!

Sorry I have been so neglectful!Things have been so busy and wonderful and busy. I guess I'll start with the oldest and move forward, this may be a 2 parter as I have so many pictures.

To start, my sweet cousin Jeff got into the Airforce!! Congrats to him. He's been looking for a direction and this will be perfect!! Im still going to be so worried about him.

The sweet handsome Gentleman friend took me on a walk through the Palace of Fine Arts here in SF. Its a short walk from his place, it was the sight of one of the worlds fair's, long ago and now is a park to wonder through. Next GF and I got to do mini comic day, as I mentioned last episode. It was a fun day at the comic book museum, we got to create some mini comics, get a free tour of the museum and i even got to show a little girl how to draw a cat. :3

 A few days later GF decided to take me to the Legion of Honor Museum and De Young Museum. DeYoung has a Rembrant exhibit and a bunch of dutch masters, including one of my FAVORITE painters Vermeer!! I didnt get to get a picture with the Girl with the Pearl Earring but I got to see it!!! The Legion has a beautiful Rodain permenant exhibit which GF is super into. Basically it was an amazing day, and some thing I would have never done alone.

The Next weekend was Easter! I made deviled eggs, and GF and I headed to the Aunts for egg dying, omelettes and bacon waffles!! oh, and beer :3 it was a really wonderful, delightful weekend!!

Stay tuned!! More to come ;)

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