Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Time

Im in my last week or so of summer vacation. I had such big hopes for this summer... Working on my comic book, doing a ton of art, saving money and working more, growing a ton of food, playing pokemon.... and I got quite a bit done, but no where near what I had hoped. I HAVE watched a lot of Rockford Files... (I have a crush on young James Garner now, good lord he is such a MAN) And I am growing my container gardens, which are going awesomely. The baking potatoes seem to have been eaten by some creature, but the red potato and the sweet potato are going crazy!The tomatoes are finally producing, the joys of cool climate area I havnt had toms till now, but the Dr. Carolynn Cherry tomato may be one of the sweetest cherrys I've ever had. and their bright yellow color is so fun in salads and for snacks. Now I sound like some ad.. The beets are growing good, I may have crowded them to much but meh they will survive. The Basket of Fire chili has been pouring out hot chilis about as fast as I can pick them. I cook with some, and most I have been dehydrating with my Handsome Gentleman Friends dehydrator.

He's been spoiling me crazy. good food, and we have been brewing up some wonderful treasures.We have a bock that is amazing and i wish i didnt have to work later tonight so i could drink it now. Our California Common is as good as Anchor's, there are two batches of Pale Ale and a Choconut Stout that should be ready in a few weeks!

Last week I helped out at the brewery a bunch.I really like working over there. Some day..

In the mean time hope you all are enjoying school and had a wonderful summer!!

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