Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Scary Movies, Art and Drawlloween

So First off, Happy Back to the Future Day! Its officially the day Marty McFly arrives! kinda cool :3 This is my favorite time of year! I love Halloween and Fall and Harvest and all of it.

So I did my first Convention! I participated in the Alternative Press Expo! Also known as APE. It was a clusterfuck to try and get into, and was super unorganized from the start. The tables were $300 a piece and the attendence was... lacking. people just didnt know about it. That Being said i cut my losses by splitting the table with Katie, Yi and Sandy, and the hotel room. The event itself aside from being a little empty was nice, and I broke even so encouraging!! Im looking forward to the next one!

Steve and I have been watching spooky movies for the season.I love monster movies and ghost thrillers. I no longer claim to love horror as I hate gore... and slasher films. Its easy and cheap to be afraid of a guy with a knife. You SHOULD be afraid of a guy with a knife. make me afraid of a guy in a monster suit. So we have been watching the Steven King movies, and basically 80s monster movies. Netflix is a gold mine!! Dr. Mookie Love Jr has all of the movies weve been watching on his blog so go check it out :3

October is also a special time for artists. Its both Drawlloween and Inktober! Last year i combined the two and did the same this year! :3 (check out my instagram for the updates untidyvenus)

A snipet of the first 15

Also check out my etsy, there are new things up including origional art, prints and more!!

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