Monday, April 25, 2011


So, an update since I have been neglecting this thing. I raised my starter, made some very bad bread then recently killed it. I also aquired a job as a waitress, was threatened, stolen from and not paid, so I quit. I now work for a pizza shop and while I make no money at least its fun! :)

The gerbil sidekick has a hamster ball and mastered it quickly. I will post a video soon of the amazing antics. There is nothing more entertaining then a gerbil in a ball a 2am!! Cooper rocks.

So Saturday I got to go hiking at Sterling Park in Monroe, Mi. We hiked for 6-7 miles in the warm sun (yay! Sun!!!) and ended the hike with a stroll along the sandy shores of lake Erie. My first Great Lake!! It was really beautiful, and I hope to see more of the great lakes and Michigan while I'm here.

Sunday was Easter. I cooked some left over corned beef in the crock pot, made an "Everything Salad" (thank you Rachel for the recipe!) and made Folar, Portuguese Easter Bread. Oh, and a no bake cheese cake (Thats not cooking, its stirring). I invited some of the girls from the building over and we ate, traded cosmetics, shoes and jewelery, and had a ball :) So things are looking up.

Yay for heritage!!

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