Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!!

Are you laboring away? lol. For possibly the 2nd time in my entire life I have been invited to a Labor day BBQ. Its at my Aunt's, but thats even better :)

Had a fantastic weekend. So Daiko Chinese resterant is FABULOUS!! The service is abrupt, but the food is MORE then worth it, and it will be my new place. Also, Mel-O-Dee's Lounge is a great place for Karaoke!! And Elevation 66 has a fantastic brew, Esther Vanilla Stout which every good beer drinker must try.

Also saw The Help. Go see it. NOW. I think I'm a Emma Stone fan. I keep wanting to hate her, because she comes from a generation of actresses that SUCK, but she keeps amazing me over and over. Plus I had that one dream... lol, nm! But the movie is great, I will never EVER look at chocolate pie the same way again.

So life is getting better. I tried to upload the road trip pictures but again the Corporate Coffee shop internet is to chocked out to work. But soon I will have my interwebs back and I can regail you all with tales of my adventure cross country, yet again. Plus oblogatory cat pictures, as well as gerbil update, hermit crab stories, plant tales and fish stuff. maybe I will do a once a week house hold update. That would work....

Plus more recipes! Coming soon.. I made apple butter, wanna try the scratch and sniff on your screen?

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  1. So happy to hear another good review of THE HELP. I have put off going to see it because I cannot imagine anything being as good as the book. It seems it stays close to the book and stayed in Number One position at the box office for several weeks.