Thursday, November 21, 2013

Goat Farm, Home Brew and Adventure

Hello all! I need to get back into blogging :3 So Last weekend my dearest, sweetest Handsome Gentleman Friend took me on a trip to a goat farm!! Omg I miss my goats so much. This place is called Harley Farms, and is a wonderful little boutique farm on the coast minutes from the most BEAUTIFUL coastline around. The Goats are all Alpines, and spoiled rotten. I want to be a goat there. Their known for their cheese and also make a number of boutique items such as goats milk paint... ya... :3 but I got to eat cheese, pet goats and bond with a llama

On the tour they mentioned the local gas station had won an award for one of the best tacos between San Francisco and Mexico so we haaaad to go. They were REALLY good, but im so damned spoiled by La Fiesta....

We each had a small street taco of delisioness, then we headed out for real dinner, he took me to the Half Moon Bay Brewery. :3 And he got me a sunset!

Since we didnt drink enough beer at half moon bay, we came home and tasted the brown ale.... Mmmmm... needs to mellow a bit but tasty stuff!! I love home brewing.


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