Thursday, January 9, 2014

Extinct Species and Amazing Adventures

Happy New Year!

Wow so much has happened since my last post. Sorry, school got CRAAAAZY, as did family, work and everything. poor excuse but the best i can do. Im going to have to come back and do a holiday episode.First off, lets check out some sad news.

The Maui's Dolphin, once rarest species in the world, is declared extinct. From the coast of New Zealand, there are only about 55 left in the wild, and there for the science community has decided they can not be saved. Weird that theres an extinct species thats still living but thats where its at apparently.Good by little dudes. My wish is that maybe i can see once before their all gone.but unlikely. Sad. Feeling inspired to save a cute species? (lets be honest, we only care about the cute ones, no offence and not to be cynical, but its true) Jump on board to save the Northern Right Whale! Only like 130 left but enough to save them!!

Ok, off my soap box. So many adventures have happened!! Gentleman Friend and I have been brewery hopping and brewing like maniacs. I find myself thinking about beer just about all of the time. we took a field trip with the Home Brew Guild to visit 3 amazing brewries and ride on a bus.And just this last weekend, we went up to Sacramento to visit my sister Tess, drink beer and check out ruins. 

First stop was Heretic in Fairfield. Not gunna lie, AMAZING brews! And the food truck they work with has awesome chilicheese nachos

Second stop, Goat House! Great brews in the middle of the country. 

 If anyone has heard Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison blues, this is Folsom Lake. Its been a crazy draught year, and the water is insanely low, so Mormon Island is visable, an old mining town that was moved to make way for the dam. This should be 120 feet below water....

Then we had Sudwerks for dinner. More beer tastings (yum! Thanks Sid for the recomendation) GF got Weinerschniztle, and I got a tritip salad. OMG yum!!!

 And just a few more shots because i cant organize today....

For the new year, Castor aka Kitler has taken up yoga....

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