Friday, February 14, 2014

Just a post

I feel like my blog as of late has been a bunch of catch up from the last time i posted. Well, this is just another post. Today is singles awareness day, aka the-reason-all-your-friends-birthdays-are-in-october-november day. I for only the second time ever i have a sweet handsome man this year to et pizza with and watch some sort of action comedy with. so after a long day of class and work thats what i will be doings. EnFAAAsis on Pizza.

Today was my Narrative Story Telling class, which i was angry about having to take because of all of the english i took way back in the Jr College days, but am enjoying. My teacher is a real published writer and likes to think outside the box and that keeps it interesting. Im being considered a good writer in class, and today after reading my quick right actually got an applause... we weren't applauding.... which was weird and kind of wonderful. so i think i'll share it here:

Mr. Whiskers 
         I want that treat. I know its freeze dried chicken but i want it. Bit I a cat, and we don't do that. We don't jump through hoops for treats. My pet human is looking on and making those strange noises he always does when he wants something for me, like my attention. Im not jumping through that damned hoop. I sit down and flick my tail at him, but its truly hopeless, humans can't read. They just make their weird noises in various pitched. I still want that treat.
       He puts his warm monkey hand on my head and rubs my ears, its really nice so i give him a purr. He seems to understand purrs so i share them with him. Hands smell like that dry chicken snack and i just want it more. Maybe i can fool him, so i put one foot through the hoop. Some success, he gives me a salty taste. Damn it, I just want that chicken. Ok,  Ill walk through it this time, but don't expect it ever again.

We had like 7 minutes and a half sheet of paper, and only the ability to write on one side of the paper... so this is what i came up with. there were a lot of interesting Stories, and i wish more people would share, as it ends up just being the same 3 or 4 people, myself included. maybe people will get bolder as we progress. 

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