Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Busy Adventures

Hello all! So it's been a crazy few weeks! First we finished SF beer week. In that honor we got to open up and taste out bourbon barrel porter. Omg. It's amazing!!!! Look at that beauty!! 

Last weekend we went to the Toronado for the Barley Wine Festival. 50+ barley wines on tap. We met a sweet group of gals who shared some of their wine, and we shared ours.

We were going to head to Magnolia and check it out but it was paaaacked. Instead we headed to Berkeley to TRex BBQ! It was very good, not KC, but good

I then took handsome to the East Bay Vivarium! One of the best reptile specialty stores in the US

We then headed to the Bone Room, a curiosity shop

And Albany Aquarium, I love Goby's!!!

And we swung by Albany Tap room but they wanted $40 for 6 tastes... No thanks

We had quite the exciting day!! 

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