Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summers here!!! How to in Small Spaces #1

So school is out! Handsome Gentleman friend has been spoiling the shit out of me. So to celebrate school being out, we went and saw the Adam Carolla Show live, with special guest Mike Rowe!!! 

Absolutely amazing!!! It was an awesome show :3 now we're getting ready for our trip to ALASKA!!!! :D holy shit!!! 

So I'm posting from my phone in my living room. I just finished planting my tomatoes that have been sitting around for about a month. So here it is-

How to grow Tomatoes in a small space

1. Buy 5 gallon plastic buckets from local hardware store

2. Drill holes in the bottom

3. Fill with potting soil from local hardware store (or costco)

4. Plant the babies!

Ill keep you guys up to date on how it goes. My squash is doing well, planted about a week and already in bloom!

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