Friday, June 6, 2014

My Return!

So Im back from Alaska! It was absolutly amazing. I can't thank Handsome Gentleman Friend enough for everything he does for me. :3 Thank you. Ill so a full recap soon, but i need to resize my pictures. I used my fancy new camera, and my handheld so theres like... 3k pictures? But I cant wait to go back. I love wild places, and you cant get much more wild then the far North. Just a teaser, whales were seen. And porpoises. :3

So my birthday is on Sunday. I managed to get it off, thank you Toure, and my sister and Flea are supposed to come down... We will see. Either way it will be delightful. Holy cow im going to be 29... but im on a better course then i was even 4 years ago, working through school and almost done, have some projects on the back burner, the greatest family around and a wonderful man who treats me like a princess.

So just a quick update that says nothing really, but now that im out of school updates will abound! plus i can get my laptop online at home now, even if its just a little its better then nothin!

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