Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pet Update-With Pictures!

First I'll start off with the new girls, Fajita and Tamale!!

Fajita is a black birkshire, aka she's all black with white paws and belly. She's shy but sweet and is the nest builder. Tamale is a hooded and is much bolder and seems to enjoy my company more at the moment. She's also the chewer, and will be the destroyer of hammocks. 

Castor and Pickles

They are good. Wait, they are HEALTHY, and SATISFIED with themselves, mostly about destroying my house. Also all last night Pickles was clawing at my door because he goes through moments of obsession about the rats then, like now, he doesnt care at all. Castor is currently curled up on my lap, but his dumpster diving Im about done with.... But I love them.

Goldie Hawn doesnt have any current pictures, but she's good. I love Bettas so much!!

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