Friday, January 9, 2015

September was my last post? REALLY?

Well if anyone still reads this other then roaming spambots Im sorry. both for what you have to read and that youve not had anything new to read. Im sure the angry Darlene rant is getting old. So whats up?

October- Halloween was AWESOME. I mean, really really awesome. My handsome gentleman friend and I went as Spanky Ham and LingLing from Drawn together. We made it to Peters awesome house party with the co-workers and Sid's amazing party, both of which were so much fun. Also Midterms happened and I did surprizingly well, especially for 5 GD classes...

November- Thanksgiving went on, had it at Nan and Sue's again, and we took Ed in the Jeep which was an adventure all its own. Also I decided to dry dock poor Darlene as her tags came up, its a SMOG year, her check engine light is on and I have like $3 cash to put towards it. GF is awesome and lets me steal Gretchen. Poor Darlene though...

December- Finals! FML.... Who ever says art school is so much easier then their life should try vector imaging and flash coding. Yes, Im an action scripter now! Well, with a ton of help from KTea.... :3 My sweet handsome man was in Utah for most of it. Before he left we drove to Redlands to visit my mama, and I had a great time. We got to visit some apple orchards, eat really good pizza, drink at Hanger 24, and visit. Then Mama came to visit for 9 days which was AWESOME. Christmas was wonderful till my sister was... well... Tess. Tess is Tess. She has my Grandmothers Bridge now (long story, its her turn) and I may never see it again BUT I got the hopechest, which for you non-catholics, is a big cedar chest used for storing linens and what not. Really it was origionally for young women to keep the things they would need for marriage, sheets, pillowcases, silver ware etc  ... But my grandmothers is big and beatuful and smells amazing and its mine. Bitch can wait for Dad's... lol. Last few days of the month I was in Utah for reasons I'll relay later...

Oh and I got fired from Evil Corporate Soul Sucking Peice of Frikin Shit job, or ECSSPFSJ... lol! And you know what? never been better! My stomach is 1000% better, and Im going to reopen my Etsy shop, and a lot of new good things! Lets see if I can scrape together less then a living wage from this stuff!!

Also, Cooper and Hale Bop passed away. About a week from each other. It was really sad, but they both had REALLY good runs. Cooper was 5ish and Hale Bop was 12... 12 GD years old! Go Fishy... Goldie Han is great, getting fat. Castor and Pickles are spunky as always and 2 sweet little ratty muffins have joined the ranks- Tamale and Fajita! :3

All in all 2014 was a pretty good year, and i think 2015 will be big. it better be, im supposed to graduate and turn 30! I may be the only person excited about 30, Ive made it!

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