Thursday, February 26, 2015

Academy of Sciences and Smoothies

So Handsome Gentleman Friend and I have been trying out a new thing, for 30 days we are trying to have a green smoothie. Nothing to crazy, no meal replacement, no cross got, sure as hell no giving up meat or beer ;3 just having a green smoothie for snack every day. I'm officially a week in and I have to say, I feel better. Getting the extra fruits and vegis does give you a boost of energy, and my allergies have way calmed down. I have been getting my recipes mostly from and their really good! They recommend 60/40, 60% fruit and 40% greens and to rotate your greens, kale spinach chard mix it up! I'm really liking it :3

So yesterday we had a class field trip to the Academy of Sciences. That place is soooooo cool! We were to draw the mounted animals and some skeletons and skulls. Also to hang out and learn. 


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