Thursday, February 19, 2015

School and life- it's Happening.

So this semester I'm taking 5 classes again.. Almost done! But I'm swamped in homework and life and everything else...
But things are looking good! I quit that hell hole of a job thanks to my Handsome Gentleman friend and my aunts, trying to free lance! Ya! 

I have also been trying to eat better. This is a constant struggle for me because I REALLY LIKE FOOD. I wish I were like some people (vegans..) and didn't like it, but I really do. To avoid getting sickly this winter I have been really into smoothies. Mostly for breakfast because I'm TERRIBLE at eating breakfast and occasionally for snacks. It's an easy way to increase my fruit and vegi consumption without having to pack nothing but salads for school.. Especially when I'm trying to pack multiple meals and my books and art supplies all in one backpack, it gets rough! But 2 bottle blenders (I'm in love!) and a trust pyrex and I'm set for a while.

My favorite breakfast smoothie right now is a strawberry cheese cake smoothie!

Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie
1 cup of milk (I like enriched soy) 
1/2 cup cottage cheese (stay with me) 
8 frozen strawberries

That's it! You could use any berry really. I just got frozen strawberries cheap at costco, but toss it together and blend away! Filling, protein, fiber, carbs, all
Yum! Cottage cheese seems weird but it blends smooth and adds the savoriness it needs.

For snacks I have just started venturing into green smoothies. I have been skeptical. I don't- nay WONT eat lawn clippings. I won't chew my smoothie either.. But I found this really good recipe and tweaked it a tad to where you barely notice the greens! Except for the color...
It totally looks like lawn clippings for sure.


I just drank that...


Green Thing You Wanna Eat Smoothie
1/2-3/4 cup water
2 cups kale/broccoli/spinach/romain (greens you have, or mix there of.)

Mix this together in your blender till its lawn trimmings. Don't eat this yet, it's horrible.

1/2 avocado
1 apple 

Blend this. It's good! But a little grassy..

Add to taste-
Orange juice/lemon juice
Pineapple Chunks

Add a little till the acid takes care of the rest! It's really good. And only about 250 calories, and is a full serving of leafy greens, and 1 1/2-2 servings of fruit! 

Enjoy. I will post about handsome and I's crazy adventures soon! 

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