Monday, May 4, 2015

A Lovely Weekend and Anteaters and Movie Theories

This weekend was amazing. Really the whole week. On Wednesday my animal anatomy class went to the SF Zoo, and since I hate myself and am working on the superficial muscle structure of an anteater.. And since there is exactly 0 reference for that anywhere in the world, I hunted down the anteater keeper. First I stalked Nancy, a docent, a lovely older woman who sent me to Stella, keeper of books and docents. Stella printed me some info that won't help this project but will help my general knowledge, so Nancy and I headed off to hunt down Bruno. Bruno is overworked. Bruno gets to play with exotic birds and anteaters all day and I think he wants a vacation. And maybe a raise. But Bruno is awesome. Bruno let me ask a million questions ranging from childish to unanswerable and to shut me up let me FEED THE ANTEATER OUT OF MY HAND! My hand was licked by an anteater!!! She likes Avacado. So my life is complete now.

Saturday Tim and Kate came down and we hung out in Japantown, did the Japanese photobooths (so much fun!!!) Then saw Matt and Kim at the Warfield. I'm a true San Franciscan now, and possibly a hipster. But the show was fantastic and the company was amazing. Handsome Gentleman friend is now destitude as his girlfriend spent all of his monies, but I think he had a good time as well. Sunday we headed down to Daly City to see Brandi and Codi, long time no see, and watch one of the greatest movies of all time.... Big Trouble in Little China. I'm watching again right now in my TV, but this was in theaters... Big screen. Big sound. The way it was ment to be seen. Codi apparently had never seen it.. I don't know how that happened since we have been friends for many years and I watch it almost monthly... His reactions were what they should be. "What the fuck did I just see?" You just saw movie magic my friend! Later that night I spent more of GFs monies because Amy is home from Italy!! And to celebrate we went to Pinole creek for fried chicken that takes 2 days to make :3 it was fantastic even though she was a total pill.

So my theories on BTLC

Everyone in this movie except the white people are in or were in a gang. Jack, Gracie and Margo are the only ones with 0 knowledge of the gangs. Egshen is the leader of a frikin street gang! The Yang Shin carry automatic weapons at a funeral.

Also the Wing Kong gang/trading company/ho ring is run by a horny ghost.

Eddie is a matredee with an intamate knowledge of the inner workings of the Wing Kong. Eddie was Wing Kong. Is that why he an Eg almost never share a scene?

The leader of a gang (Eg) drives a tour bus. For fun? Is it a front?

Jack Burton is just a guy who delivers hogs and wants to help his friend.

Jack has a truck called the Pork Chop Express and delivers hogs. Your mind = blown

Their drunk and or high in almost every scene. Count the bottles of beer on the tables at the Dragon of the Black Pool next time.

And lastly, the restaurant is called The Dragon of the Black Pool. Why is this not a thing here in the bay? I would eat there every night and wear the shirts... Not just cause of the movie but also because its a dragon... Of a black mfing pool!