Monday, April 27, 2015

Moto G and Birthdays

Ok, so as you may remember from other ranting, I had to upgrade from my old trusty iPhone 4, and decided to get a Moto G from motorola. I like it, quite a bit actually, except for one thing, the screen goes BATSHIT CRAZY sometimes. Its like a ghost is tapping on the right side of my screen blindly, and it opens apps, dials my mother and Handsome Gentleman Friend and sends one letter texts and basically tries to kill itself. Lucky for me I keep the boxes for everything because Im a hoarder and so its getting mailed back and i get a new one under warranty. Until then Im sorry if I accidentally call you and or text you gibberish.

This weekend was my handsome sexy amazing man's birthday! (happy birthday Handsome). Saturday we had a great party, with a small but amazing group who brought more food and drinks then we could have ever asked for. We talked and laughed and had a good time, and Handsome drank 4 Liters of beer (a liter less then last year mind you). We had a great time. Also I made Scotch Eggs and Brownies, and if you never have made either of those then I recommend you do that. now.

Yesterday was his actual birthday but his girlfriend is a broke bitch so she couldn't do anything spectacular. We did go over to Berkeley to a new brewery Field Work, which is a cool little place who happened to be having a donut and beer pairing. Their New Orleans coffee stout is delightful!! After that we had some fast Chinese at Chef's then headed back to his place to hang out in our underpants and watch movies. One of the great movies we watched was for my italian class, called Demons. Its a 1980's horror movie, so if your into that sort of thing, make sure this is on your list!! Its about a group of people who go to a free movie, get locked in the theater and get killed and possessed by demons. the special effects are pretty awesome, and while there is some gore its 1980's gore... so i only covered my eyes like 4 times.

I feel guilty because Handsome is really amazing and so good to me, and Im not in a position to do the same. I mean, i am damned good to him sure, lol but he whisks me away on trips and pays my phone bill and all i can do is make him some art and some lunch with stuff he bought. soon. soon i wanna make enough to help out the people  love. 

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