Saturday, October 22, 2011

Midterms are Here

I finished really none of them... I have a drapery drawing I "finished" but need touching up for final critique on tues, a portfolio review and self portrait head shots for referance due monday, The project that will break my soul if I let Earl down due thursday and the second half of Bob Ross (coloring the elements) Due Fri. And yet Im not panicing... Im instead surfing the interwebs and downloading podcasts... ?

Whats going?

I dunno, but I'll take it. Still batting zero on the attepting to get a date thing, but after a mini melt down with a great friend I feel better about it. lol. Weird.

Pets are all well. Life is so nice without work. My god its so nice.... I would be in full blown panic attack if I were still there. Also, Halloween costume aquired, Hurrah!!

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