Sunday, October 2, 2011

Neglecting the blog again

Sorry all, (ha!) its been insanity this past week! School is kicking into high gear and i need to kick in with it. I will soon FINALY have interwebs at my house and then updates with good pictures will be abundant!

School is sooooooo amazing. This week I-

am making a sculpture to scale of a human
am analyzing the light and shadow of fabric folds
am creating a character to present to the class
met Scott Campbell!!!
bought Scotts book
Got Scotts book autographed
went to a book launch party
made new friends
ate amazing cheeseburgers
Got a copy of Korgi
had 2 game nights
did epic amounts of homework
managed to not murder corporate petshop employees

So all is well. Kitler chewed on my sharp knife and cut himself, letting me come home to a spattering of blood and panicing.

I am also atemping to make 1000 cranes for some good luck. You should too, they are adorable

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