Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gearing up for Bacon Day- Part Deux!! and Food Pics

Thats right ladies and genleman.. (ok, les face it, ladies and your cats, lol) The second Bacon Day is about to commence!! (To find out about the first Bacon Day click here!!)

Im busy looking over recipes and thinking about what new to debute this time around. :D So exciting!!

So after 1.5 years I may be getting interwebs at the house again.. Got a promo offer from my old interwebs company who say its available in my area finally... When I moved in before it wasnt. Not sure but $20 a month wouldnt be bad at all, and I could blog in my underpants :3 Something that would be awkward at local coffee shop.

Well, I lost my phone for the first time EVER. Of course it was that fanciest phone of phones I have ever owned, my iPhone... uuuggghhh.. And of course the insurance is useless, and they wanted to charge me $200 instead of $100 to replace it... and i would have to wait 4 days... Instead I took my moms BF's upgrade, since I pay for his phone (as payment for that LOVELY transmission he installed in my beautiful Darlene). It worked out, $70 later after tax and upgrade fee's. They wanted $50 for a case for iphone 4 and I told them Ninja PLEASE.... No really but I wanted to. Instead im trying to be extra carefull and ordered from china the GREATEST CELL CASE EVER!!

Its called Turtle Dinosaur case... Oh China.... Basically it was $2 and free shipping, looks like it has as much protection as an Otterbox and is ridiculous!! I also ordered a Otterbox Defender knock off for $2... just have to be careful till next month when the slow ass shipping comes... I REALLY wanted a silicone Pikachu, but no one had one! Disapointment China, king of knock offs! BTW there are also owls and penguins... join me in being a grown up.

Sunday we celebraed Marisol's Bday!! :D OMG 25, such a baby.. I mean.. old maid... uughhh Im old, lol!! Anyways, went to Chevy's with Gentleman Friend and he co-workers. BTW turn any ethnicity into Mexican with a sombrero!!

Toure and Jerry, Black and Philipino, proof!!! lol 

Marisol, Mexican turned mexican.. wait..... 

So Tuesday night we had INVENTORY! OMG... 8:30 pm to 4:45 am at corporate job.... We got pretty silly, including a slipper fight, getting vegitarians to eat meat and ingesting mountains of cola. I made Chili for our Potluck, and ate myself silly.

Jerry and his "Bitch Please face"

Here are a couple of shots, Ill post he slipper pile when I get some shots from the boss, didnt have my phone on my a that time... But we got 100% accuracy on our department, and  managed to not have to go count socks, omg Shoes is the best deptartment really... plus the fact my co workers are insane, like yours truely.

Pot luck, and Marci, Drew and Alexa

Shahab and Ian over Jerry's shoulder, and the Jackals!!

Yesterday Fashion Rachel and I headed to the Mission and picked up some cheap fabric to make work dresses out of! OMG yay!!! For like $13 I got enough to make almost 3 dresses... Rachels going to teach me to sew and use her surger... oh to have fashion design friends :) After a few hours of playing in Discount Fabrics we headed to a little mexican place for one of the best burrito's I've had in a long time.

A mural from inside the place

Oh ya, on Tuesday ate at the New Deli, a localvore, vegitarian and more place, my French onion soup

And for those who have been waiting, my Nail Color of the Week!! Here are all 3 weeks I have been behind on, since things havnt been working out...

Week 1, purple with blue and pink glitter on top

Week 2, transparent pink with layers of silver
Aka Glitter Sandwich

Red with micro-glitter finish, since bacon failed

Have a great day!! :D

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