Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sick Days and Reader Poll!!

Hey guys and gals! Oh man.. I caught that nasty flu thats going around :( Dont get it if you can avoid it!! Its started with a tickle in my throat and ended up with me sprawled on Gentleman Friends couch totaly out of it. but after days and days and days of rest Im about human again, though with the occasional nosebleed from all the blowing and a light cough...

Well I planned on a blog day full of pictures and me newest project, Nail Color of the Week!! But the interwebs at local coffee shop is over loaded and nothing will upload... Heck facebook wont even load.... Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

I need to figure out me T button... its still acting funny. I dont like having to pound on the key board this hard.

I have a burning QUESTION for all of you our there... What kind of computer do you work from? I do this entirely from a, eMachines D620... which is a low end laptop I love dearly... His name is Ralph... lol! Anywho.. I have to get a desktop for arting on... Ralph will still be the blog machine though! Since I have no interwebs at the house still.

Sorry, pointless blog today. Have a good one!

1 comment:

  1. Oh me oh my everyone be having this dern flu. I hope you start feeling much much better.

    I blog from a Dell studio. It's broken on the side and the screen is halfway coming off (my mister stepped on it) but it's still a truckin'.