Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BACON DAY!! Sir Francis Bacon

Hello all! So this was an epic, salt laden, artery clogging bacon fest!! :D For the event I made mini Bacon Cheesecakes, Mini Bacon Brownies, Mini Bacon cupcakes with Maple Cream Cheese Syrup, A Bacon Explosion (aka the Bomb), and Bacon Bleu Grilled cheese sandwiches (OMG). Steve made Bacon Wrapped Jalalpeno Poppers and Bacon Wrapped Sausages, and Brandi and Cody brought Double Bacon Pizza, and Katherine made a really yummy Bacon Asian Vegi Stir fry. Tim also came with a bottle of Mangria, and Rachel came to clean up left overs. It was SUPER fun, and we were all SO FULL we didn even make bacon cinnamon rolls or the four horseman sandwich, which is bacon wrapped dates and blue cheese on sour dough. Ok, so pictures!!

The Bacon Bomb (Explosion) is really almost more of a show piece then meal. Its DELISH but so rich, a small chunk is all even the more intrpid baconeer will do, but I think evenone should do it once, so heres the recipe. This time I added the crumbled bacon to the innerds :)

This week I have also been playing WAY to much gameboy... Because Im a nerd.... :D Anywho, heres a funny screenshot of my dragon :3

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