Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Schools Out for the Summer!

Boom. Sorry for the break once again, but this last few weeks for pretty tight. My Figure Painting teacher gave me a run for my money, as did Illustration 1. Im all inspired though. Taking the summer off from school to make some money and work on my personal work, Actually I just filled out an application for Local Corparate Coffee shop.. because while they may be evil, they have benifits. Also the current job said no extra hours available.... so ya... :/

I have been out of class just a few days and my lazyness knows no bounds. Monday as a snub to class I stayed in bed till noon (much to the dismay of the kittens) and played pokemanz. BTW because no one really cares but I finally got around to defeating the Elite 4! :D lol.

Ill have pictures and joy up soon to share of all the crazyness. Be sure to check out some of the Art I did for class on my other blog:

Don't Eat Charcoal

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  1. Waaaaah!!! I've missed you! Thank you for your comment. I've been wondering where you've been missy! Good luck with the job, and congrats on defeating the Elite 4!!!

    I am glad you like the background =] I figure my blog needed some colors