Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weekend busyness

Hello all! This is another mobile update, got o work like 2 hours early. So I'm watching rich white guys drive in circles, aka the Indie 500. This weekend is full of fun and joy except the fact I have to work, but I need the monies ;3 gentleman friend has one of his best friends in town, and So yesterday we picked her up from the airport, had a suuuuuper fancy brunch, then bottomless mimosas... Like 5 decanters..... For 3 of us. 

To walk it off we wondered around the Spring Show my school put on. It's the best of the best work, something I want to achieve at some point...  

Really amazing work. We all took a nap then she decided we should go clubbin. I have to say, I've never been a clubbin chick... I hate loud noises, being touched by strangers and being drunk.... But we went to a nice little meal (I had reaaaaaaallly yummy sliders) and headed to the club. It's actually was more fun then expected. They had a room with big fans, where we could stay cool. My coke was $6... Uuugggghhhh... Lol 

I'm such an old lady 

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  1. I hear you on being an old lady. I went out for the first time in a month and was so tired by 12am that I left and passed out with my clothes/makeup still on. Those sliders look so freaking good, but yeah $6 for a coke is never going to be alright with me.