Friday, July 12, 2013

Dinosaurs, Meat and Strike

Sorry for yet another delay. Last week the regular schedule was on hold because the train that takes 400,000 people to and from San Francisco decided to strike. Apparently making 70k-100k a year isn't enough, and paying for 16 percent of their benefits is just to much for the employees to stand. So the whole city was on hold. As for me, I decided if half my building wasn't going to show up I would reap the rewards and accepted 45 hours, one of which was holiday pay and 5 hours of over time! I crashed at handsome Gentleman Friends as getting across the bay was almost impossible. As for the strike after 4 days the unions lost all public support and decided to take a month to renegotiate. 

But this last weekend after working my feet sore my sweet man took me to Discover the Dinosaurs!!! Over 60 life sized animatronic dinosaurs, inflatable slides for kids, and so much fun!

Ill post more photos from not my phone. Did I mention this is a mobile update? :3 anywho, the MEAT OF THE WEEK! Was created and consumed. I was able to purchase some little chuck steaks, which are a thin but tough little steak for about $4 a lbs. I marinated them in some soy sauce, olive oil and a dash of Montreal steak seasoning and seared them hot and fast. Then served them sliced thin in strips. Yum!! 

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