Thursday, January 23, 2014

Brew Weekend NorCal

So last weekend I was whisked away by a sweet, wonderful man to consume delightful beverages and frolic in the woods! Yea, my teeth are rotting to from that last statment to.This weekend was a good adventure weekend though. First we went  ate at Big Boys Burgers, it was AMAZING!! and it RAINED!I litterally havnt seem rain in months, and its my favorite. Then we were off to Hendy Woods, a beautiful little state park up near Boonville. All of my pictures are sadly on my camera still but i will post them soon. After wondering the woods in basically a privet escersion, we headed to Anderson Valley Brewery, home of Boont! And many other delightful beverages. we sampled some wonderful things (my favorite was the soured barley wine!) then took a tour and played with their brew dog, Luke.

After that We headed to the Hamberger Ranch, and as you can see from the delightful BBQ above its a BBQ joint. One we really enjoy and had on Steves Birthday last year :3 Next off to Santa Rosa for some Russian River Brewing!

It was packed so we headed out with some bottles and off to Lagunitas! They were also super busy but had a tour we decided to wait for. I understand busy bar tenders, but I HATE to be ignored. HATE IT. So I was a little grumpy.. but we eventually got our drinks, which were immensly better then the service! :3 Try the barrel aged stuff!

After a day of drinking and enjoying, we headed home to transfer our own bourbon barrel porter, and add the wood chips and bourbon.. (since we have to barrel!) 

Then we cracked open some Russian River delight!The Pliney the Elder is supposed to be one of the best in the world, and I have to agree. All were delightfull! And we enjoyed with our Oregon Rogue cups.

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