Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sisters, Zoo and Bacon Day

Hello all! So I seem to be behind all the time. So here's a Mobil update! First off my lovely sister came to visit last week, and we got to hang! She got me a lovely pair of work shoes at goodwill for a whopping $4, as well as some stuff for herself, them came with GF and I to the homebrew club meeting! For dinner we had Goat Hill Pizza, and generally it was wonderful!! 

On wed before work I headed to the zoo, and checked out some of their wildlife. I love drawing animals, and so I did for like 4 hours, would have been 6, but the busses... Uuugghhhh....

This last weekend was another lovely event, BACON DAY! In honor of Sir Francis Bacon, we cooked up soooo many treats!! 

About 15 people or so came throughout the night, and the food was enjoyed my all! But the real star was GF an I's home brew! We went through a case and a half and none was wasted! All in all super successful!! 

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