Sunday, September 16, 2012

Proud of My Size

Hello all! Its been a little while! Just got back the Utah trip with Gentleman Friend, schools starting, and things are getting chilly. For this Proud of my size link up Im showing off one of my favorite work outfits! The dress is from Forever 21, Wrap from my place of work, tights are clearance Target and my crocks. Yes those are crocks! Increadibly comfortable too!! Also you cant see, but I wore my Giraffe pin. I heart giraffes!! So the proud of my size link it is something the AMAZING Rachel over at the Near Sighted Owl does every week, helping to spread body love no matter how big, small, tall or thin you may be. As a midrange curvy lady I have always been right in between my heavier friends and my thin friends, and while people think this is a great place to be but its unnerving for an insecure gal growing up. Now I am learning (slowly) to love my body as much at the GF does ;) lol and I should.

Im normally a bit of a tom boy but at work I like to girl it up some. Infact I dont think I have worn pants once yet! Lots of little dresses and skirts.... lol, its fun to be a girl every once in a while!

So the trip was AMAZING!! I'll so a full recap but as a teaser, it involved TWO dinosaur museums, camping in the desert, mountain trips, sushi and AMAZING food. Plus a good looking male companion and a trip to Temple Square. Dear Goodness it was a load of fun!!! :D

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