Thursday, September 27, 2012

In Class Update!

Breaking news from a class that is essentially $250 a day. Not really any breaking news, just poor time management on the part of the faculty, hyper vigilance making me nutty (I hear ALL of your iPods guys) and over active imagination is basically making me insane. We are designing Tattoos for ourselves, and as someone who really NEVER wants a tattoo, this assignment means little to me. Adding to that is the fact that my designs are to "simplistic" and don't mean enough apparently. The good news is I have my buddy here to keep me sane-ish, and show me cool webpages :) Like this:

This is an AMAZING artist who makes the COOOOOLEST goldfish art! I love fishes!! :D Wait.. I just got an idea for my tattoo image....

Anywho, omg check out this DIY necklace Im GOING to make!!

Ok, back to working, you can see the assignments Im working on HERE

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