Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Date Night, Adventures, and ANGRY HONDA RANT!!

Hello all! I will begin this episode with what you all want to hear about- ANGRY HONDA RANT. For those who don't know, Darlene my Honda Accord was stolen- for the second time- you can read the epic journey of folly and frustration HERE. This LATEST update of idiocy perfectly sums up the whole event. I received a piece of mail from Solano County court, a $24 check. My repayment for all my troubles appaerently... Best part? they had the address wrong, it had been returned to them, repackaged and remailed. GO RETARDS. (retards refers to people who are volentarily stupid, not people with special needs, who you CANT call redtarded, you call special needs). Ya....

This week has been epicly amazing, aside from one of my teachers being VERY heavy into the public shaming. Gentleman Friend is a wonderful wonderful man, and took me out for a FANTASTIC date night at the California Academy of Sciences!! Thursdays are "Night out at the Museum", and it was DINOSAUR NIGHT! :D We know my love of dino's. The Academy doesnt have a lot of dino stuff, but they brought in some cool cool things. We had a lovely dinner in the cafe and judges a gluten free vegan idiot who was driving people insane (hint, she may have gotten some human protein in her meal with that attitued) The best part about night out? No kids, 21 and older, and beer abound! Also, pork buns :)

Lemur and Ancient Prawn

Claude the Albino Gator and a Sea Dragon

Nautalous Activity and Gentleman Friend getting revenge on a Baby Giraffe

Omg the coooooooolest catfish! He was atleast 4 feet long. I want one.

Saturday we got up late and headed over to the 2nd Annual Super Hero Street Fair!! We didnt have any good costumes, so we donned suits and went as Scully and Moulder :) It was small and a bit unorganized, but really fun and super adorable! I love nerdy awesomeness!!

Agent Moulder, looking suave and checking out the BatWing!

I knew he was hot ;)

After a few hours there we headed downtown for the Chinese Moon Festival. GF talked me down from an angry rant about the mistreatment of the poor little goldfish, but aside from that it was AMAZING! We saw a dragon dance, a million crafts, and GF got me a little Giraffe and a Zebra wooden toy from a cool Etheopian woman. they were 2 for $5, I could have had them all!! But a picture will suffice

Weird and creepy, against absolute beauty 

Look at all the GIRAFFES!!

After the Festival, we ate $6 all you can eat dim sum, then to GF's man cave for a marathon of "Profits of Science Fiction" which is an AMAZING mini series about the writers who kind of changed our history!! Basicly Im a pretty lucky girl- with an extra $24

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