Friday, September 28, 2012

Mural, Trout and Gearing up for the Weekend

Hello all! So today is a cold, gloomy looking day. Its supposed to be 90 all weekend but I wonder if the marine layer is going to be hanging out. This weekend Gentleman Friend and myself will be driving up to TAHOE!! We are going to do some exploring, then go help the Aunts winterize the cabin in Truckee :) I am a spoiled spoiled girl. Anywho, the other day I went out for groceries and decided to photograph the mural out at the Chinese Market/Resterant. Its super neat looking, plus it had FISHIES!!! :D Also saw a neat art car. Still looking for idea's to help me paint Darlene plaid. 

 Also this week, I was given a fresh trout! Caught by Don and cleaned. Im not going to lie, I do not eat enough fish, and havnt cleaned or skinned a fish in YEARS! But I did a damn good job, and Kitler got the scraps. Pickles looked like I was trying to poison him. Anywho, I made Cajun Blackened Fish out of this little guy, and it was AMAZING!!!

With left over bread from the Cheesecake Factory and an Arugala Blue Cheese Salad :)

Yesterday on my walk I stopped to smell the flowers, and succulents (who dont really smell, but are beautiful). As most of you know I ADORE succulents. And they are low water drought tolerent, super eco friendly. They also make some AMAZING indoor plants. Perfect for little terrariums and planters, even for apartment living!

PS, lets be friends on Instagram! Im UntidyVenus! :D

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