Friday, February 1, 2013

Life and Times!

Sorry for the laspe in posting!! Its been an adventuring week!! also I have been picking up extra shifts at work before classes start and adventuring with the Gentleman Friend...

We've been dating a year or so now.... Weird...

Anywho, works been slow, and a coworker wants me fired, one of the new people. Turns out my rants about Critical Mass- the ASSHATS who ran me down- got to this new member of the team.. who is a member and horrifyingly offended.... and instead of talking to me, the manager or what, went strait to HR. Oh well, HR likes me, and Asshats will be Asshats. (hhhmmmm seems a lot of the great Adam Carolla's comments on these Narsicists appears to have just been validated!!)

Last weekend instead of blogging or watching foosball GF took me down to Fort Point, a civil war era fort UNDER THE GOLDEN GATE! Ya its really there, and it was civil war days.

The pets are all well, Kitler has been granted another week of not being turned into a slipper and Pickles is an angel, Cooper is bored, he may need some toys... and my cell case came!! :D 

Nail Color of the week is Gun Metal! Pretty neat :)

So my last little thing, on the train, it was crazy packed. Standing room only and a RAGING asshat was ignoring EVERYONE, including the elderly and aking two seats. people tried to ask for a seat and she never even looked up from her phone so I snapped a photo of her narciscism.... What a raging C-word, and btw making a HORRIBLE name for heavier people, who may have let the old people sit... I gave up my seat BTW and stood next to her, bumping her at every chance I could, cause im also a C-bag....

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